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The Falcon Way – how does it work?

At Falcon Law Professional Corporation we take pride in our ability to serve our clients completely digitally. We know that you’re busy operating your business and that’s why we strive to provide you legal services in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. This is a bit about how we serve you digitally:

Start the Conversation

Reach out to us whether that be through our website, social media, email, or telephone and tell us about your legal issue or question. We strive to return all queries within 24 hours.

Meet Us

Once you’re ready, we’ll set up a consultation or appointment to discuss your legal matter in depth. We conduct meetings through tele-conference and video-conference.

Documentation Sharing

We’ll share documents with you and you can share documents with us through email or our secured and encrypted online portal.

Payments & Billing

You can pay for our legal services with the click of a button including e-transfer and wire transfer.

Industry Served

Property Developers
Property Investors
Real Estate Salespersons
Start ups
Trucking Fleets

Legal Issues are complicated. Getting a good lawyer is simple.

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We’re a digital and 100% online based law firm serving all of Ontario. We’re a click away for all of your small business legal needs.

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The Falcon Advantage
– what do we offer?

At Falcon Law Professional Corporation, we’re bringing an innovative approach to serving your legal needs. The following are some of the things that make us stand out:

Digital Counsel

We are using modern tools and software to serve you online and at the click of a button. Long gone are days of commuting and waiting for your lawyer.

Innovative Services

We’re continuously innovating as a firm. We understand that technology, business, and the world around is fast evolving and we want to remain on the cutting edge of the law.

Flat Rate and Transparent Billing

Wherever possible we provide our clients with flat fees. We prefer flat fees over billable hours to provide clarity in our billing and to encourage our firm to be time and cost efficient in serving you.

Community Partners

We partner with local technology, accounting, and strategy firms to provide you additional advice.

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