A Guide on How to Dissolve a Corporation in Alberta

Introduction: Closing a corporation in Alberta is a significant decision that involves several legal and administrative steps. Whether due to changes in business direction, financial considerations, or other reasons, the dissolution process requires careful planning and adherence to regulatory requirements. This guide provides an overview of the key steps on how to close a corporation in Alberta, emphasizing the importance of seeking legal advice from professionals like Falcon Law PC.

  1. Board Resolution and Shareholder Approval: The first step in closing a corporation is to pass a board resolution and obtain shareholder approval. The resolution should outline the decision to dissolve the corporation and the reasons behind it. Falcon Law PC can guide you through the legal aspects of obtaining the necessary approvals.
  2. Settle Debts and Obligations: Before proceeding with dissolution, ensure that all outstanding debts and obligations are settled. This includes paying creditors, resolving contractual obligations, and addressing any outstanding financial matters. Falcon Law PC can assist in managing this process to ensure legal compliance.
  3. File Articles of Dissolution: Prepare and file the Articles of Dissolution with the Alberta Corporate Registry. This document officially terminates the existence of the corporation. Falcon Law PC can guide you through the preparation and submission of these crucial dissolution documents.
  4. Cancel Business Licenses and Permits: Cancel any business licenses and permits held by the corporation. This step is essential to avoid ongoing obligations and fees. Falcon Law PC provides advice on identifying and canceling all relevant licenses.
  5. Address Employee Matters: If the corporation has employees, follow proper procedures for termination, provide required notices, and settle outstanding employment matters. Falcon Law PC assists in navigating employment law considerations during the dissolution process.
  6. Tax Obligations: Fulfill all tax obligations, including filing final tax returns and settling outstanding tax liabilities. Falcon Law PC provides expert advice on managing tax implications during the dissolution to minimize potential issues.
  7. Distribution of Assets: Develop a plan for the distribution of remaining assets among shareholders. Falcon Law PC can guide you in creating a fair and legally sound strategy for asset distribution.
  8. Notify Creditors and Shareholders: Provide formal notice to creditors and shareholders about the corporation’s dissolution. This involves publishing a notice in a local newspaper and directly informing known creditors. Falcon Law PC can assist in drafting and disseminating these notices.
  9. Maintain Records: Keep detailed records of the dissolution process, including board resolutions, creditor notifications, and the filing of dissolution documents. Falcon Law PC advises on the importance of maintaining accurate records for legal purposes.
  10. Seek Legal Advice for Complex Situations: If your corporation faces unique or complex situations, such as mergers, acquisitions, or legal disputes, seek legal advice from professionals like Falcon Law PC. Complex issues may require specialized expertise to ensure a smooth dissolution.

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Conclusion: Closing a corporation in Alberta involves several legal steps, and ensuring compliance is crucial. Falcon Law PC offers expert legal guidance to corporations, helping them navigate the complexities of the dissolution process and optimize their financial positions. Contact them today for comprehensive support in closing your corporation with accuracy and confidence.

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