Authorization to Return: Navigating Canadian Immigration with Falcon Law PC

If you’ve ever faced immigration issues in Canada and have been issued a removal order, it’s crucial to understand what an Authorization to Return (ATR) is and how it can affect your ability to re-enter the country. Falcon Law PC, your trusted Canadian immigration lawyers, is here to guide you through this complex process. Contact us today at 1-877-892-7778 or email us at to get the expert legal assistance you need.

Understanding Authorization to Return (ATR)

An Authorization to Return (ATR) is a legal document issued by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows individuals who have received a removal order to re-enter Canada. It serves as permission to return to the country, despite previous immigration violations or orders of removal.

When is an ATR Necessary?

You may need an ATR if:

  1. You Have a Removal Order: If you’ve been issued a removal order, you are generally not allowed to return to Canada for a specified period, which can range from one year to indefinitely.
  2. You Want to Return Before the Removal Order Expires: If you wish to return to Canada before your removal order’s expiry date, you must obtain an ATR.

Applying for an ATR

The process of applying for an ATR can be complex and challenging. Here’s a brief overview of the steps:

  1. Eligibility Assessment: Falcon Law PC will assess your eligibility for an ATR. We’ll evaluate the circumstances that led to your removal order and determine if you have a valid reason to return.
  2. Application Submission: We’ll help you prepare a comprehensive ATR application, including all necessary supporting documents. This includes explaining why you should be allowed to return and addressing the reasons for your previous removal order.
  3. Processing Time: The IRCC will process your ATR application, which can take several months. It’s essential to apply well in advance if you have specific plans to return to Canada.
  4. Decision Notification: You’ll be notified of the IRCC’s decision on your ATR application. If approved, you’ll receive an ATR, allowing you to re-enter Canada.

How Falcon Law PC Can Assist You

1. Eligibility Assessment

Our experienced immigration lawyers will conduct a thorough eligibility assessment to determine if you qualify for an ATR.

2. Application Preparation

We’ll assist you in preparing a compelling ATR application, ensuring that all relevant details and supporting documents are included.

3. Timely Submission

Falcon Law PC will ensure that your ATR application is submitted in a timely manner, avoiding any unnecessary delays.

4. Appeals and Representation

If your ATR application is denied, we can represent you in appeals and hearings, advocating for your right to return to Canada.

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