Can an Ontario Corporation Do Business in Another Province?

Do you have a corporation in Ontario, or you’re looking to start one?

But… you’re wondering if you can operate your business in other provinces?

Well, in this article, you’ll learn whether or not an Ontario corporation can do business in another province. Keep reading to learn exactly how you can operate your business inside and outside Ontario.

Let’s begin.

Here’s Whether an Ontario Corporation Can Do Business in Another Province

Once you file your business as an Ontario corporation, you are legally entitled to operate in the province. However, what if you want to expand beyond provincial borders?

You’re in luck as there are a few ways you can operate your business outside Ontario.

Federally Incorporated Business

The first path to operating your business within and beyond the borders of Ontario are through a federally incorporated business.

If you incorporated your business federally, you can launch your organization anywhere in Canada. Plus, you can operate in as many provinces or territories under the same name.

This is a great option as you don’t have to file as much paperwork every time you want to expand to a new province. While you still have to register extra-provincially in any province you wish to operate it, it guarantees that your corporation name will remain the same across the nation.

However, most businesses don’t want to incorporate federally, and would rather register within Ontario.

In that case, you can still operate your business in other provinces without federal incorporation.

Extra-Provincial Licenses

If you incorporated your business as an Ontario-registered corporation, then your best option to expand to other provinces is through extra-provincial licenses.

Before you conduct business in any province, you need to register your corporation within that province (even if you already registered in Ontario).

Most provinces have extra-provincial registration agreements. If you register your Ontario business in another province, you may not be guaranteed to have the same business name. If your corporation is registered under another name in another province, you must register the name under the Business Names Act.

The government of Ontario charges $60-$80 for a 5-year name registration.

Ontario–Quebec Reciprocal Agreement

The easiest province to expand your corporation to from Ontario is Quebec. This is because a special agreement between the two provinces allows businesses to operate within the other province without needing to register for an extra-provincial license.

If you have an Ontario corporation and you decide to start conducting business in Quebec, simply file a Declaration d’immatriculation within 60 days of operating your business there.

If you’re looking to expand your Ontario business into other Canadian provinces, you should speak with a Canadian attorney who specializes in corporate law today. Reach out to us at Falcon Law for more information on how to register your business in another province.

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