Canadian Immigration Lawyers in the United States

We are a team of experienced Canadian immigration lawyers serving all of the United States. From coast to coast, we represent United States individuals and businesses seeking to immigrate to Canada. Canada is a prime destination for those in the United States seeking fresh business and personal opportunities. Our team of Canadian immigration lawyers can assist United States residents in immigrating and settling in the country of Canada.

Does Falcon Law PC only provide services for those United States residents destined for Ontario?

No, our Canadian immigration team provides services for United States residents destined for any corner of Canada, from Vancouver, to Halifax, to Montreal. Our Canadian immigration lawyers are fully qualified and licensed to practice Canadian immigration law anywhere in Canada. While our offices are in the province of Ontario, our services extend well beyond that and we are proud to service clients from all over Canada and the world.

How does Falcon Law PC provide continuing support to immigrants from the United States?

The support of our Canadian immigration team does not stop when you arrive in Canada. Once you arrive in Canada from the United States it is only the beginning of our work. We aim to assist you in settling into Canada which includes legal and general services such as buying or renting your first home in Canada, review of employment contracts for your first job in Canada, setting up Canadian identifications, and beyond. Our Canadian immigration lawyers go beyond the legal paperwork and are involved in the entire settlement process from the United States to Canada.

Does Falcon Law PC have offices in the United States?

At this time, Falcon Law PC does not have offices in the United States. Rather Falcon Law PC serves its United States immigration clients on a virtual basis. This means that all consultations, paperwork, and payments are performed through online means. We find that virtual legal services are convenient and cost effective.

For a free consultation with our Canadian immigration lawyers please click here. For more information about our United States to Canada immigration services please click here. We are proud to be a firm specialized in assisting United States residents immigrate and settle in Canada.

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