Canadian Spousal Sponsorship: Can I Sponsor my Same Sex Spouse to Canada?

Family reunification is a fundamental policy objective of Canadian immigration laws. In simpler terms, the Canadian government prioritizes immigrations applications which reunite and bring families together. If you are in a same sex relationship or marriage with your same sex partner, then you may be entitled to sponsor your same sex partner to Canada.

Firstly, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and both you, and your same sex partner, must have an intention to live in Canada following the spousal sponsorship application. If this checks out along with other requirements, then you are able to file an application for spousal sponsorship for your same sex partner. If your application is successful, your same sex partner will be granted permanent residence to Canada.

Canada recognizes legal marriages and common law relationships for the purposes of same sex spousal sponsorships. This means that you can either be legally married and produce a valid marriage certificate, or you may show evidence that you are a common law couple and have been living together for at least a year. There are certain exemptions to the requirement to have lived together for a year, such as same sex couples that are not able to live together due to political and geographical concerns. 

In our legal services for same sex spousal sponsorships, we offer end to end solutions such as document collection for the purpose of the immigration forms and applications, immigration form and application preparation and filing, guidance on obtaining English language tests and police clearance reports, coordinating with immigration authorities during the processing of the same sex spousal sponsorships, among other things.

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