Canadian Visa Lawyer in United States

Are you looking for a trusted Canadian visa law firm to assist you in obtaining a visa to visit, travel, or work in Canada? If so, our Canadian visa lawyers are experienced in assisting United States residents with a variety Canadian visa application. Canadian visa applications can be complex and cumbersome and require the assistance of a qualified lawyer to avoid delay or refusal.

Avoid a Refusal or Denial at the US-Canada Border

Visa refusals or denials can impact your overall immigration profile and can negatively impact further applications. As such, our Canadian visa lawyers recommend that Canadian visa applications are prepared correctly the first time around. We are commonly approached by individuals who have been refused through online or mail applications and even those who are denied entry into Canada at the border. To avoid unnecessary complications and delay in the processing of your Canadian visa our Canadian immigration lawyers can assist you in the preparation of your Canadian visa application on a convenient and cost-effective basis.

Continuing Support for United States Immigration Clients  

Our Canadian visa lawyers go beyond legal paperwork. Our Canadian visa lawyers are proud to provide continuing support to United Residents seeking to enter Canada on a permanent or temporary basis. For example, if you are in Canada on a temporary visa from the United States and you need to extend your stay in Canada, our team is well positioned to assist you in obtaining an extension of your Canadian visa.

Visas for Businesspersons and Entrepreneurs

Canadian visas granted to businesspersons and entrepreneurs from the United States are significantly more complex than standard tourist visas. Such visas usually require applicants to provide various business plans and business related information. Our Canadian visa lawyers can provide you with strategic advice and planning in the preparation of your business visa application from the United States.

For more information about our US to Canada immigration and visa services, please click here. If you would like to email our team of Canadian visa lawyers, you may reach us at

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