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I am Hiring a Contractor to do Work on my House – How can I Protect Myself?

We are often approached by homeowners disputing with contractors about construction projects. More times than not the disputes are surrounding delays, deficiencies, or payment. Each time we wish that the homeowners had engaged us earlier – prior to the signing of the construction contract or worse, prior to the commencement of the work without the

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Can a Contractor Put a Construction Lien on my House without a Contract?

This blog can assist you with the following questions: How can contractor lien without a written contract? Does a contractor need a contract to register a construction lien? Can a verbal contract be relied upon to register a construction lien? If you are a homeowner and you have been threatened or served with a construction

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Demand Letter

Disclaimer – This blog is not to be taken as legal advice. Please seek the advice of a lawyer for any legal matters. What is a demand letter? In a perfect world, if a wrong is a committed, the responsible party will compensate the aggrieved party. As we know, in the real world this does

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Your construction lien rights

Your Lien Rights If you’ve recently supplied goods or services to a property, including but not limited to, construction trade work such as framing, plumbing, or electrical, and you have not been paid, you may be entitled to a lien against the property. What is a lien you may be wondering? A lien is a

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Some Tips for Contractors

You’re a contractor and you’re having a hard time recovering debts owed to you for ongoing or past construction projects. That’s something we regularly deal with. We often represent our construction clients in recovering debts owed to them, negotiating settlements with debtors, and initiating proceedings in the Small Claims Court and the Superior Court of

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Construction Law

A large part of our services for small businesses are geared towards those in the construction industry. The founders of Falcon Law PC, being long-time members of the construction industry themselves, take pride in representing a variety of stakeholders in the construction chain. We know that you’re busy operating your business and that’s why we

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