Intellectual Property

What’s a Minute Book?

A minute book is a record of a corporation’s activities. Traditionally, these records are kept in a binder and contain important corporate documents such as: –     articles of incorporation–     documents relating to tax filings–     minutes of meetings–     share certificates–     corporate by-laws Although traditionally kept in a binder, changing times and

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Demand Letter

Disclaimer – This blog is not to be taken as legal advice. Please seek the advice of a lawyer for any legal matters. What is a demand letter? In a perfect world, if a wrong is a committed, the responsible party will compensate the aggrieved party. As we know, in the real world this does

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What’s a Certificate of Pending Litigation?

A certificate of pending litigation (CPL) is an instrument that can be registered on the title of a property. A party seeking to register a CPL must bring a motion and prove that they have a reasonable claim to an interest in the land, among other things. Practically, the CPL provides a warning to the

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