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What’s an E-commerce Lawyer and do I need one?

Who is this article for? Individuals looking to start an e-commerce business E-commerce businesses looking to hire a lawyer If you are thinking of starting an e-commerce-based business, you must be considering whether you require the services of a lawyer, specifically an e-commerce lawyer. While there is no clear-cut answer to this and this depends

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Demand Letter

Disclaimer – This blog is not to be taken as legal advice. Please seek the advice of a lawyer for any legal matters. What is a demand letter? In a perfect world, if a wrong is a committed, the responsible party will compensate the aggrieved party. As we know, in the real world this does

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Protect your e-commerce business

By: Raz Toor, LawyerFalcon Law PC  Thinking of getting started in the e-commerce world or already have an established business in this area? One of the first words on your mind should be – legal! Yes, legal considerations are critical to having a successful start or growth to your e-commerce business. Think Incorporation Make sure

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Why do you need a digital lawyer?

By: Raz Toor, LawyerFalcon Law PC First of all, what’s a digital lawyer? A digital lawyer, sometimes called a virtual lawyer, is a lawyer providing legal services through the power of the internet. And no – we did not obtain this definition from websters dictionary, we’ve created this definition. Being one of the pioneers of

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Why your website needs terms and conditions

In today’s day and age websites are critical for any business. If you’re a law office like us, start-up, e-commerce business, social media platform or beyond, it’s important that your website is equipped with Terms & Conditions (T&Cs). We’re sure that you’ve seen these countless times hidden on the footer of websites. You might think

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