UK to Canada Immigration Lawyer Free Consultation

Falcon Law PC consists of a team of Canadian immigration lawyers serving all of the United Kingdom. Our Canadian immigration lawyers assist individuals and businesses from all corners of the United Kingdom on various immigration related matters. Our Canadian immigration lawyers are well equipped and experienced to assist United Kingdom residents on a variety of

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US Citizens: How to Obtain a Study Permit in Canada If You’ve Been Accepted by a University

Are you an American citizen? Did you just get accepted into a Canadian University? Congratulations! The next step you’ll need to take in order to legally attend university as a foreigner to Canada is to obtain a study permit. Every year, hundreds of thousands of international students attend university or college in Canada. In fact,

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How to Obtain Canadian Certificate of Citizenship by Birthright as a US Citizen

If you’re an American looking to obtain proof of Canadian citizenship, you may be wondering… “Do I have a birthright to Canadian citizenship?” Well, if one or both of your parents was born in Canada, then you do! Even if you were born in the US and you are an American citizen, you are entitled

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5 Things to Consider When Sponsoring Your American Spouse into Canada

Falling in love is a beautiful thing. But… when your better half is from another country… Well, that can get complicated. If you’re a Canadian citizen with a spouse from the US—and the two of you are wanting to live in Canada, then you’ll need to file some paperwork. While a temporary solution is ensuring

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6 Key Points You Need to Include in a Founders Agreement

Launching a startup is an incredible experience. The excitement among founding members when the idea becomes a reality is second to none. But… There are some not-so-fun aspects of launching your entrepreneurial venture. One of those is dealing with paperwork—particularly the founders agreement. Without this document, you leave your company vulnerable to a downfall or

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Canadian Certificate of Citizenship Lawyers for Americans

Who is this blog for? ·           American residents seeking to obtain a certificate of citizenship in Canada.   Questions that this blog answers: ·      I live in the United States and my parents were born in Canada or carried       Canadian citizenship; can I also apply for citizenship in Canada?

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Canadian Immigration Lawyers for Americans

Who is this blog for? ·      American residents seeking to immigrate to Canada. ·      Immigration candidates from the United States to Canada. If you are an American resident seeking to immigrate to Canada, Falcon Law PC can assist you with your immigration journey to Canada. We are an experienced law firm working with American residents

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