Changing the Registered Office Address of an Ontario or Federal Corporation: A Step-by-Step Guide

The registered office address serves as the official address of a corporation for communication, service of legal documents, and regulatory compliance purposes. Changing the registered office address of an Ontario or federal corporation may be necessary due to various reasons, such as relocation, expansion, or operational requirements. In this legal blog, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on how to change the registered office address of your corporation, outlining the necessary steps and considerations for compliance with regulatory requirements.

1. Review Corporate Documents and Requirements:

Before initiating the process of changing the registered office address, review the corporation’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, and any applicable regulatory requirements governing address changes. Ensure that the proposed new address complies with legal and regulatory standards and is suitable for serving as the registered office of the corporation.

2. Obtain Board Approval:

If required by the corporation’s bylaws or governing documents, obtain approval from the board of directors for the change of registered office address. Document the board resolution authorizing the address change and ensure that it is properly recorded in the corporation’s corporate records.

3. Notify Shareholders:

In some cases, particularly for significant address changes that may impact shareholder interests or rights, consider notifying shareholders of the proposed address change. Shareholders may have the opportunity to provide input or raise concerns regarding the change, depending on the corporation’s governance structure and legal requirements.

4. Update Corporate Records:

Prepare the necessary documentation to update the corporation’s corporate records and notify relevant regulatory authorities of the change of registered office address. This may include filing amendments to the articles of incorporation, updating corporate filings with the provincial or federal corporate registry, and updating the corporation’s official records and documents.

5. File Required Forms:

Depending on the jurisdiction and type of corporation, file the required forms and documentation with the appropriate regulatory authorities to effect the change of registered office address. In Ontario, for example, corporations may need to file Form 3 – Notice of Change of Address with the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch (CPPSB) of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

6. Pay Applicable Fees:

Be prepared to pay any applicable filing fees or administrative fees associated with the change of registered office address. Fees may vary depending on the jurisdiction and regulatory requirements governing address changes.

7. Update Business Records and Communications:

Once the change of registered office address is approved and processed, update the corporation’s business records, including letterheads, business cards, websites, and other communications materials, to reflect the new address. Notify relevant stakeholders, such as clients, suppliers, and service providers, of the address change to ensure seamless communication and compliance with contractual obligations.

8. Maintain Compliance:

Ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements and obligations related to the registered office address, such as ensuring that the address is accessible during regular business hours for service of legal documents and regulatory communications. Maintain accurate and up-to-date corporate records reflecting the current registered office address to avoid potential penalties or compliance issues.


Changing the registered office address of an Ontario or federal corporation requires careful planning, documentation, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. By following the steps outlined in this guide and seeking professional assistance when necessary, corporations can successfully navigate the process of changing their registered office address and ensure continued compliance with regulatory standards.

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