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Our virtual lawyers can handle your small claims matter completely virtually. This means virtual meetings, electronic payment methods, virtual court attendances, electronic signature, and more!

Speak to one of our lawyers now for a free review of your case and advice on next steps. The small claims court usually handles disputes that range up to $35,000.00 in value.

Some small claims cases that we deal with:

  • Construction defects and non-payment
  • Non-payment of shipped and bulk sale goods
  • Unpaid mortgages and loans
  • Breach of Contract disputes
  • Claims against employers
  • Property damage claims

Pre-litigation dispute resolution

Prior to commencing any legal action, we’ll explore any and all avenues to provide you with a pre-litigation resolution. This can take many forms including, demand letters to the defendants and phone calls with opposing counsel. In addition, we’ll conduct the necessary research to find the best solutions to your case. It’s our goal to provide you with a time-effective and cost-effective resolution to your dispute.

Issuing a claim

If things cannot be resolved pre-litigation, we’ll set the tone in court by issuing a concise and effective claim which lays out the issues in dispute and puts all involved parties on notice. It’s important to have a properly drafted claim as judges, counsel, and litigants involved will be reading this and building their first impressions of your claim.

Defending a claim

If you’ve been served a claim, we’ll take care of the defence for you. It’s important to have a well-crafted defence as it is to have a well-crafted claim. The reason behind this is obvious. The defence is the first impression any involved party will have of you with respect to the dispute. It’s key to set the stage right from the get-go.

Attending for a motion

In the court process, there are times that you are required to attend before a judge to resolve certain procedural matters. For instance, if the claimant has failed to bring the claim in the correct jurisdiction, you may be required to appear before a judge to have the entire action relocated to the proper jurisdiction. Our lawyers have experience arguing before the courts in a wide range of motions.

Attending for a settlement conference

Once the pleading stage is over, you’ll be required to attend a settlement conference. Be sure to have one of our lawyers attend with you. Our lawyers will ensure that any settlement offers proposed by the other side are reasonable. In the alternative, if our lawyers feel that it is best not to proceed with litigation, they will present and negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf.

Enforcing court orders

Our lawyers are able to assist you when you have obtained an order in the small claims court, but are still having issues in obtaining payment from the defendant. We are able to help you enforce your judgement in the form of garnishments, registrations against property, and so forth.

Wherever we can, we try to offer you block fees and flat fees with respect to small claims matter. This is in effort to provide you with certainty and clarity in regards to our legal billing. Every step of the way we will advise on time and costs so that you’re never caught off guard. In addition, we try our very best to negotiate and resolve disputes as early as possible. It’s our philosophy that litigation is a last resort, to be used when all other options are exhausted. That’s why you’ll never find our lawyers prolonging your litigation matters in favour of more fees.

Let us help you now with your small claims dispute and discuss the best course of action for a speedy and cost-effective resolution. The best way to speak to our lawyers is through email at

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