Business Purchase

How do we handle business closing virtually?
See our virtual process below:

Virtual Meeting

We meet with you virtually and help you decide between a share purchase and asset purchase.

Document Exchange

Shared through email or our secure online portal.

Negotiate Terms

Negotiate with the opposing counsel to dish out the terms of the asset purchase or share purchase agreement.

Due Diligence

Carry out the necessary searches to ensure that you’re getting what you bargained for.

Execute Documents

Have you execute the closing documents through our virtual document signing applications.

Closing and Post-Closing

Handle any closing and post-closing matters such as exchange of closing documents, funds, and keys.

If you’re interested in buying or selling a business, speak to one of our lawyers experienced with business closings. The two primary ways of buying or selling a business are asset purchases and share purchases.

If you’re looking to buy or a sell a business and you’re looking for professional advice, do contact our lawyers for a free consultation. Our lawyers can be reached by email at

Legal Issues are complicated. Getting a good lawyer is simple.

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