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A corporate minute book can be described as a running record of a corporation which outlines various legal activities of a corporation ranging from the appointment of officers and directors to the sale and transfer of shares. A corporate minute book must be prepared for all corporations operating under Canadian laws. A corporate minute book can be prepared quickly and easily with our corporate minute book lawyers. Traditionally, corporate minute books have been maintained in large binders at your lawyers office. Nowadays, corporations and lawyers tend to implement virtual corporate minute books, which are easier and more cost-effective to maintain. For a consultation with our minute book lawyers, please contact us now. 

Why should I choose Falcon Law PC's corporate minute book lawyers?

Our corporate minute book lawyers are very well versed in preparing simple to advanced corporate minute books. Our corporate minute book lawyers have the nuanced knowledge and experience with corporate minute books which can save you tons of time. We pride ourselves in being able to provide corporate law and corporate minute book services on a completely virtual basis. This means that whether you are seeking a physical minute book or a virtual minute book, our corporate minute book lawyers can have this prepared with a touch of a button. 

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Benefits of choosing Falcon Law PC as your corporate minute book lawyers?

  • Flat fees and bundled packages for corporate minute books
  • Virtual corporate minute book services at the click of a button
  • Tech-forward solutions for lower fees and disbursements
  • Innovative approach to providing corporate minute book legal services
  • Timely communication

Why do I need a corporate minute book prepared by a corporate minute book lawyer?

  • Minute books are required by Canadian and Ontario law
  • CRA may require an up to date corporate minute book during an audit of your corporation
  • Banks may require your corporate minute book when setting up a bank account
  • Investors and stakeholders may want to investigate your corporate minute book when investing or taking any interest in your corporation
  • Prevent corporate disputes and misunderstandings between partners by routinely updating your corporate minute book

What is a virtual minute book and is allowed by law?

Yes, virtual minute books are completely legal. Virtual minute books are easier and cost-effective to set up than traditional corporate minute books. Virtual minute books can be set up, as the name suggests, completely virtually, and then maintained thereafter on a completely virtual basis. There is no need to travel to our corporate minute book lawyers to take advantage of this! 

Can I update and catch-up a non-existing or out of date corporate minute book?

Most certainly you can update or catch up an out of date corporate minute book. Oftentimes, corporate clients contact our corporate minute book lawyers for assisting in bringing corporate minute books up to speed. While this is possible, the advisable, legal, and cost-effective solution is to organize a corporate minute book upon registration of the corporation. 

We know that corporate law can be confusing and time consuming. That is why our corporate minute book lawyers strive to provide you with convenient and affordable legal advice relating to your corporate minute book. Get set up with a corporate minute book quickly and easy – click below now. 

Check out our many satisfied corporate minute book clients on our Google Reviews. We are proudly a 5-star rated law firm serving all of Ontario!

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connie kot
Professional, easy to talk to, answered emails and questions promptly, definitely will use again.
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Hasina Noor
I hardly leave review but I have to leave it for this company .I book consultation with them for my Brother who is in Afghanistan to help him with the work visa. My brother said the person I was talking to was very very rude he was not answering any of his questions or neither talking . My brother said I tell hi this is hillal but the the person he was talking not even said his name , how is that even possible in Country like Canada .My brother was so excited for almost a week and get prepared to talk to them and was ready send them any paperwork they gonna ask for. very very rude the worst experience of my life. Please owner or manager of the falcon law give your employees behavior training how to talk to people no matter where they are from .
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Kyle Dine
Easy to work with, and incredibly insightful at helping create and fine-tune our online terms and privacy documents.
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Amir P.Afshar
WoW!! Excellent customer and technical service, responsive team, great and professional attitude! I'd like to thank Raz and his great team for the service that I've received for my corporation. I would definitely recommend this professional team to everyone!
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Michael Hicks
I would highly recommend Flacon Law to anyone who is interested in obtaining Canadian citizenship. Their communication and promptness was top notch. They made the whole process seamless and easy. Very helpful and straight forward with all of my questions and concerns. Karan did an amazing job!
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Andre Campbell
Great working them. Fairly professional and ideal for remote businesses.
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Jacob Giancola
Raz is the man, plain and simple. I'll be recommending Falcon Law to anyone and everyone looking for legal help! Thank you!

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