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Demand letters are a formal demand to an individual, company, or other legal entity, requiring compliance with a legal obligation, such as the payment of money, the discontinuance of an act, or honouring of an agreement. Demand letters are not a legal requirement (in most cases), but demand letters serve as a useful method of putting parties on notice regarding a potential court litigation or soliciting a settlement or resolution of the dispute prior to entering into court litigation.

How is a Demand Letter Served?

A demand letter can be served in multiple ways including personal service, email delivery, regular mail delivery, or registered mail delivery. Generally speaking, there is no particular method to serve a demand letter, unless otherwise required by a particular law or the contract at hand. Sometimes contracts may stipulate special rules regarding the service of notices and formal demand letters. Our demand letter lawyers can advise you on your service obligations under the law and/or the contract at hand. Click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our demand letter lawyers.

What Happens after a Demand Letter is Served?

Once a demand letter is served to a party several things can occur. The first being, nothing at all. The receiving party may simply ignore or disregard the demand letter. Generally speaking, a demand letter is not a court ordered document and there is no legal requirement for the receiving party to reply. On the other hand, the prudent receiving party may respond to the demand letter with a response letter or email of their own, either prepared and delivered by them personally or by their legal representative. The response letter may indicate the intentions of the receiving party to resolve the matter or conversely, litigate the matter. The response letter will help you and your legal representative to determine the next steps in escalating the dispute such as the commencement of legal proceedings.

How can Falcon Law PC help me prepare and serve a Demand Letter?

Our demand letter lawyers are well versed in preparing and serving demand letters to increase recovery for our clients. Our demand letter lawyers encourage our clients on most occasions (time permitting) to serve a demand letter prior to the escalation of the dispute. Demand letters can be a cost effective and time effective way of resolving a dispute. Our demand letters lawyers will work closely with you in reviewing the facts of the dispute and prepare a demand letter in accordance with your requirements.

Can I prepare and serve the Demand Letter myself?

Yes, you can prepare a demand letter yourself. There is no legal requirement for you to use the services of a lawyer or a law firm for a demand letter. However, it may be in your best interests to use the services of a lawyer when serving a demand letter. Firstly, a lawyer can advise you on the merits of your case and help you determine whether it is prudent to serve a demand letter in the first place. Further, a lawyer can prepare a convincing demand letter which references to the law and would otherwise be difficult for a layperson to prepare himself or herself. Lastly, a demand letter prepared by a lawyer or law firm generally has more weight than a letter prepared by a layperson on his or her own. A demand letter prepared by a law firm or lawyer may show the party that the sender of the demand letter is serious, seeking to commence litigation, and is able to retain a lawyer for the litigation. This may incentivize the party to cooperate and seek resolution to the legal issues set out in the demand letter.

How much does a Demand Letter cost?

Demand letters range in complexity. The price of a demand letter can fluctuate depending upon the nature of the dispute, money claimed, area of law, and other factors. Generally speaking, basic demand letters start at $300.00 and can be upwards of $1,500.00. For a no obligations quote on a demand letter, please contact our demand letter lawyers now at

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