Demand Letter

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What is a demand letter?

In a perfect world, if a wrong is a committed, the responsible party will compensate the aggrieved party. As we know, in the real world this does not always happen. To recuperate what is owed to you, you might consider starting with a demand letter.

What is a demand letter? A demand letter is a document usually written by a lawyer, on behalf of an individual or a corporation and sent to another party, requesting payment or another legal remedy. In a demand letter it is common to find details about the wrongdoing, the outstanding payment, a deadline to comply, as well as a list of legal recourses that may be taken by the sending party. A key point to remember when preparing a demand letter is to ensure that it is concise and well-structured to properly lay out the sending party’s position. When dealing with a well-drafted demand letter, the receiving party will easily be able to gauge the strength of the sending party’s claim and as such, may be convinced to comply with the demands in the demand letter.   

Benefits of a Demand Letter

Serving a demand letter is usually the first step in litigation and legal disputes. A key benefit in resolving the legal dispute at the demand letter stage is that demand letters are usually very cost-effective and are an efficient way to get the negotiations going between the parties.

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