Are you an existing e-commerce business or are you just getting started? Our e-commerce business lawyers can provide you the strategic e-commerce legal advice that you need. E-commerce law is a niche space and our e-commerce business lawyers understand the intricacies of the e-commerce business. Whether you are seeking to incorporate, dealing with a customer dispute, or would like drafted a privacy policy, our e-commerce business lawyers can provide you with sound e-commerce law advice. 

Some of the Reasons to Choose Falcon Law PC's E-commerce Business Lawyers:

Incorporation and Business Setup for E-Commerce

Our e-commerce business lawyers can assist you with the incorporation of your e-commerce business. Setting up your e-commerce business as a corporation can help you with the reducing personal liability, assist with tax planning, and make business structuring easier. Our e-commerce lawyers can also assist you in drawing up a shareholder or founder agreement between you and your partners. Such an agreement can prevent disputes and issues which may arise during the growth of the e-commerce business.

Terms and Conditions for E-commerce

Terms and conditions are a vital component to your e-commerce business. Terms and conditions, or otherwise known as terms of use or terms of service, are the contract terms which govern the relationship between you and your customers. If you find yourself in a dispute or issue with a customer, you can rely on your terms and conditions to defend your position. To ensure that you are well protected please ensure that your terms and conditions are drawn up by a e-commerce lawyer. For more information about our terms and conditions services, please click here.

Ongoing Support for E-commerce Law

E-commerce lawyers can provide you with ongoing support as you grow and scale your e-commerce business. For example, if you encounter payment or chargeback disputes with your customers an e-commerce lawyer will be able to provide you with strategic advice and planning to deescalate the dispute and prevent further liability.

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Some Services Offered by our E-Commerce Lawyers:

  • E-commerce Incorporation & Business Registration
    We help advise you on incorporating and registering your new e-commerce business.
  • Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policies
    Draft a terms and conditions and privacy policy with our e-commerce lawyers.
  • E-commerce Contract Review
    Quickly review e-commerce contracts with developers, manufacturers, suppliers, and others.
  • E-commerce Customer Issues
    Our e-commerce lawyers assist you with customer shipping, refund, and other issues.

E-commerce businesses require the expertise and guidance of an e-commerce business lawyer. E-commerce businesses are unique, and our e-commerce business lawyers are well positioned to understand the legal needs of your e-commerce business.

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