Filing a Notice of Change for an Alberta Corporation: Legal Requirements

Filing a Notice of Change is an essential legal process for Alberta corporations, involving changes in various aspects of their corporate structure or operations. Whether you’re altering corporate details, adding or removing directors or officers, or amending your registered office address, it’s vital to understand the legal requirements and properly navigate the process. Falcon Law PC is here to provide you with expert legal guidance and support when filing a Notice of Change for your Alberta corporation. For personalized assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-892-7778 or via email at

Understanding the Notice of Change

A Notice of Change is a legal document filed with the Alberta Corporate Registry to report any changes in the corporate structure or operations. The purpose of filing a Notice of Change is to ensure that the Corporate Registry has accurate and up-to-date information about the corporation.

Key Types of Changes Requiring a Notice of Change

Several key changes in a corporation’s structure or operations necessitate the filing of a Notice of Change. These changes may include:

1. Change of Directors or Officers

When there are changes in the corporation’s directors or officers, such as new appointments, resignations, or removals, a Notice of Change must be filed.

2. Change of Corporate Address

If the registered office address or mailing address of the corporation changes, it must be reported through a Notice of Change.

3. Change of Corporate Name

Changing the corporate name requires filing a Notice of Change, along with meeting specific naming guidelines in Alberta.

4. Amending the Corporate Articles

Modifying the articles of the corporation involves a Notice of Change to reflect the updated information.

5. Altering Share Structure

Changes to the share structure, such as issuing new classes of shares, must be reported through a Notice of Change.

6. Change in Shareholders

Any changes in the corporation’s shareholders or share ownership structure should be reported through a Notice of Change.

Legal Considerations for Filing a Notice of Change

Filing a Notice of Change is a legally significant process, and it’s crucial to adhere to certain considerations:

1. Accurate Information

All information provided in the Notice of Change must be accurate and up-to-date. Inaccurate or incomplete information can lead to legal issues and potential penalties.

2. Timely Filing

Notices of Change must be filed within the stipulated time frames set out by the Alberta Corporate Registry. Failure to meet these deadlines can result in non-compliance issues.

3. Compliance with Alberta Laws

Filing a Notice of Change involves compliance with the Alberta Business Corporations Act and other relevant provincial and federal regulations.

4. Specific Filing Requirements

Different types of changes may have specific filing requirements. It’s essential to understand and meet these requirements to ensure a successful filing.

Why Choose Falcon Law PC for Filing a Notice of Change

Falcon Law PC is your trusted partner when it comes to filing a Notice of Change for your Alberta corporation. Our team of experienced legal professionals can assist you in the entire process, from understanding the legal requirements to ensuring a compliant filing.

  1. Legal Expertise: We have a deep understanding of Alberta’s legal landscape and can provide you with the guidance needed for a legally compliant filing.
  2. Accurate and Timely Filing: Falcon Law PC ensures that all information is accurate and filed within the specified time frames.
  3. Compliance with Laws: We help you navigate the intricacies of Alberta’s corporate laws and regulations to ensure that your filing complies with all legal requirements.
  4. Tailored Guidance: Our personalized support is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your Notice of Change is filed correctly.

In conclusion, filing a Notice of Change for your Alberta corporation is a legal process that demands careful attention to detail and compliance with provincial and federal regulations. Falcon Law PC is here to assist you throughout the entire process, ensuring that your filing is accurate and legally sound. Contact us at 1-877-892-7778 or via email at for personalized legal support.

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