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We provide strategic advice to spouses and families seeking to immigrate to Canada from the United States.

If you or your spouse are citizen or permanent resident in Canada then you may qualify to apply for permanent residence in Canada on the basis of the spousal sponsorship immigration category. Generally, to apply for spousal sponsorship you and your family must have an intention to move to Canada. Spousal sponsorship is an integral feature of the Canadian immigration system and one of Canada’s most fundamental immigration goals of family reunification. Continue reading below for more important information on the spousal sponsorship category. 

What are the processing times for spousal sponsorship applications from the United States?

At this time, spousal sponsorship applications are being processed in 12-15 months by the IRCC. This timeline may change and has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that you may be entitled to apply for a tourist visa and/or work visa in the interim pending the results of your spousal sponsorship application. This means that you may be entitled to visit Canada for work or stay prior to the processing of the spousal sponsorship application. 

Can I apply for Canadian spousal sponsorship even if I am not married to my spouse?

Yes, you may be entitled to apply for Canadian spousal sponsorship from the United States if you are in a common law relationship with your spouse who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Canadian law recognizes and respects common law relationship. Generally, you are required to have lived with your common law spouse for a period of at least one year prior to applying for this category of immigration to Canada. 

Some Things to Know About Spousal Sponsorship to Canada

o Immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis, as a permanent resident of Canada

o You are entitled to apply as a married couple or common law couple.

o You must have an intention to move to Canada on a permanent basis.

o The Canadian spouse may be required to provide an undertaking to provide financial and other support to the immigrating spouse.

o You must show that you have a genuine relationship which was not entered into for the purpose of the spousal sponsorship application.

Am I eligible to sponsor my spouse from the United States?

A sponsor is the Canadian citizen or permanent resident that intends to invite his or her spouse to Canada from the United States. To be an eligible sponsor for the purposes of this application you must be at least 18 years old, you must not be adjudged as bankrupt, you must not have any serious criminal charges, you cannot have been sponsored yourself as a spouse to Canada in the past 5 years. 

How can Falcon Law PC assist me with my spousal sponsorship application?

Our lawyers are very experienced in handling spousal sponsorship application and can help you avoid major pitfalls which can destroy your application such as missing or incomplete documents, insufficient evidence to support your application, and incorrect choice of application and forms. Further our lawyers can provide you ongoing support during the processing of the application such as responding to requests made by the IRCC during the processing of your application, interim applications such as work visas and tourist visas, and advice on settlement in Canada. 

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