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Falcon Law PC is a full-service immigration law firm assisting United States residents to immigrate to Canada through a variety of immigration programs. Falcon Law PC is located in Ontario, Canada, and is fully regulated by the Law Society of Ontario. Being located in Canada, Falcon Law PC is strategically positioned and well acquainted with the immigration laws of Canada to assist United States residents seeking to make the transition to Canada. 

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Spousal Sponsorships

If you, your spouse, or both of you reside in the United States and seek to make the transition from the United States to Canada, we can assist you by assessing your file, preparing your application, and corresponding with Canadian immigration authorities pertaining to your application.

Work Permits

Looking for a job or you’ve received a job offer in Canada? Our immigration lawyers can assist you in the work permit immigration procedures. Work permits can come in several forms, including open work permits and closed work permits. Open work permits can allow you to transition between employers. Closed work permits require you to maintain employment with a single employer for a specific time frame.

Temporary and Visitor Visa

If you, your family members, or your friends to seek to travel to Canada on a temporary basis, whether that is for leisure, business opportunities, or family emergencies, Falcon Law PC can assist you obtaining a visitor visa in Canada. Depending upon your residency status in United States, our immigration lawyers will be able to guide you as to best visa application suited for your situation.

Permanent Residency

If you wish to settle in Canada on a permanent basis, our immigration lawyers are able to assess your profile and advise you with the appropriate permanent residency stream. For instance, express entry and provincial nomination are two avenues for United States residents to immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis.


Certificate of Canadian Citizenship

If you were born outside Canada to a Canadian parent or adopted by a Canadian parent, then you may apply directly for Canadian Citizenship, our team of immigration lawyers can assist you in applying for Certificate of Canadian citizenship. The Certificate of Canadian citizenship procedure includes the preparation and filing of extensive forms. Our immigration lawyers can guide you through the entire procedure.I

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Kelly Wang
Kelly Wang
Raz and his team helped us with our e-commerce TnC, Privacy Policy and Seller Agreement. My company is happy with their work and I personally enjoyed working with the Falcon team as communications are open and efficient and they kept everything transparent so nothing for me to worry about. Raz even offered additional discount to help us keep the project within our budget. I'd suggest you give them a try if you need legal help for your business, you would not regret the money paid.
tanya iliakis
tanya iliakis
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Oleg Rusakov
Jasjyot Bhelay
Jasjyot Bhelay
So glad I got to touch base with Raz and his whole team. They were highly helpful with the matter I had and really took the time to look into my matter. Raz was also very responsive to the emails and phone calls, and communicated thoroughly. I would definitely recommend their law firm and especially Raz to my family and friends. And in future I would go back to him for all my business needs.
Raz was awesome to work with. Made a daunting task easy to complete and understand. Very pleasant and professional with great step by step communication.
Ashley Wilgosz
Ashley Wilgosz
Karandeep Singh
Karandeep Singh
I was extremely happy and satisfied with the services that Falcon Law provided. Very professional and very easy to work with. All work that was needed to be done was done with great effort, communication, and integrity. Would highly recommend!
Logan Young
Logan Young
Raz & Aneal were very helpful in getting my business incorporated! Very Responsive and Helpful every step of the way. Thanks again. Will be using your services in the future.
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Harman Padda
As a business owner its very important to be productive and efficient every single day. Making sure a structure is in place is key. Raz and Deep were truly helpful and words won't serve justice as to how grateful i am having them in my corner especially in a business like mine. Once again thank you so much and i recommend to all those around me and more thanks
Anindya Dey
Anindya Dey
They are a great law firm to work with really professional and very efficient I hired them for one job but now have made them My own wet law firm I was very pleased with their cooperation and friendliness I am pleased work with this law firm As they have been a great company to work with

Benefits of using Falcon Law PC’s immigration lawyers

  • We offer flat fees and bundled packages. This way you can have clarity in terms of legal fees
  • We offer prompt responses and open communications. We are available to walk you through the tedious Canadian immigration procedures
  • We are a top reviewed immigration law firm, and we have a history of providing top services to all of our clients, including United States clients seeking to immigrate to Canada
  • We offer our services on a completely virtual basis, which means that there are no requirements for you to attend at our office or sign any paperwork in person

In addition to Canadian immigration services, we offer soon-to-be and new residents of Canada with a multitude of services to assist them in their transition into Canada. Here are some of the services we offer

  • Purchasing your first property in Canada
  • Registering your first business in Canada
  • Reviewing employment contracts for your first job in Canada

Register a Construction Lien – Packages

  • Initial demand letter for payment, registration of construction lien between the amounts of $0.00 to $10,000.00, along with further demand letter containing registered construction lien.
    Price: $1200.00
  • Initial demand letter for payment, registration of construction lien between the amounts of $10,001.00 to $30,000.00, along with further demand letter containing registered lien.
    Price: $2000.00
  • Initial demand letter for payment, registration of construction lien between the amounts of $30,001.00 to $50,000.00, along with further demand letter containing registered lien.
    Price: $2500.00
  • Initial demand letter for payment, registration of construction lien between the amounts of $50,001.00 to $100,000.00, along with further demand letter containing registered lien.
    Price: $3000.00

Please contact us at for flat fees pricing for registering construction liens beyond the amount of $100,000.00.

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to give us a call and our legal team will do their best to help.

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