How much does it cost to hire an Immigration Lawyer in Canada?

Cost is an important consideration when hiring an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyer costs can be determined by a variety of things including the nature of your immigration matter and the complexity of your particular case. In addition, the experience and skillset of the immigration lawyer can impact the costs you may be expected to pay for an immigration legal service.

What do Falcon Law PC’s Immigration Lawyers do?

Falcon Law PC’s Immigration lawyers specialize immigration law and can provide you advice and advocacy on all kinds of immigration law matters. Backed by years of experience, our immigration lawyers analyze your particular immigration case and provide you with the options to immigrate to Canada in an efficient way and cost-effective way. Falcon Law PC’s immigration lawyers are fully regulated by the Law society of Ontario.

How do Flat Fees work?

Generally, Falcon Law PC’s immigration lawyers provide flat fees for immigration applications and other matters. In unique or unusual circumstances our immigration lawyers may charge an hourly rate for their services on an immigration application. Flat fees help our clients budget their legal expenditures well in advance. At Falcon Law PC, we endeavour to provide clear and concise costs for immigration applications, which includes flat fees and bundled packages. Contact us now free a free consultation to determine the costs of your immigration application.

Is an Immigration Lawyer worth the Costs?

Immigration applications can be time consuming and daunting for non-lawyers. While you may seek to complete an immigration application on your own – you may face delays due to application mistakes and a host of other issues! It is always recommended to consult with an immigration lawyer to discuss a sound strategy for your immigration matter. Immigration lawyers can help you avoid costly mistakes and save time on immigration applications, which makes the costs of an immigration lawyer very justifiable.

Falcon Law PC is a trusted law firm, offering excellent customer service and professional legal services. We are happy to discuss your immigration application with you now and provide you with immigration lawyer costs in accordance with your unique circumstances. Email us now at to set up your free immigration law consultation.

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