How to Find Out if There Is a Lien on Your Property?

Are you about to buy a property… Or, maybe you own a home or other piece of land and you’re curious whether or not there’s a lien on it?

Well, if you suspect there may be a lien on your property, then you should absolutely do some research to figure out whether there’s a lien filed against it.

When you’re buying or selling a home, or you’re just wanting to ensure your name is clear of any liens or loans, then you need to ensure you don’t have any liens on your properties.

In this article, we’ll show you how to find out if there’s a lien on your property.

Let’s dive in.

2 Ways to Find Out If There’s a Lien on Your Property

Liens aren’t something to take lightly. Whether you’re purchasing a home, selling a property, or you’re wanting to ensure you don’t owe anyone anything, then you need to do some research to ensure your properties are cleared of any liens.

So, how do you check for liens on a property?

There are two primary methods to figure out whether or not your property has a lien on it. Some are more advantageous than others, so make sure to read both options.

1. Check In-Person Records

The first way you can find out if there is a lien on your property is by checking public records in person.

This typically means having to take a number of trips to some local offices in your area. You can check with your local Land Registry Office (LRO) and ask to look through the public records in person.

This is a good method if you’re a hands-on person. However, it can be very time-exhaustive and can require days of searching and a lot of hard work. You should call your local Land Registry Office if this is a viable option for you.

2. Contact a Lawyer to Do a Title Search of the Property

If you’re short on time and would rather have a professional do the research for you, then your final option is to contact a lawyer to do a title search of your property.

The main benefit to working with a lawyer is that you’re relying on their expertise, rather than trying to figure it all out yourself. Lawyers know what information to look for and exactly where to find it.

They’ll typically put together a detailed report of your property including whether or not there’s a lien on the property. If you want help finding out whether there’s a lien on your property or not, then reach out to Falcon Law today.

Not only will Falcon Law complete the title search for you, but they will also check the title and identify any other title issues for you and advise you on your next steps. If you do have any liens on your property, Falcon Law can help you remove them to get your property cleared.

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