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At Falcon Law PC, we are a team of immigration lawyers and paralegals providing you with excellent customer service and legal services for all of your immigration law needs. Our immigrations lawyers offer free consultations for up to 15 minutes on various immigration programs.

How can I set up a Free Consultation with Falcon Law PC’s Immigration Lawyers?

You can quickly and easy set up a free consultation with Falcon Law PC’s immigration lawyers by clicking here to select a date and time for your free consultation. Once you confirm a date and time, you will be directed on the next steps for the free consultation. Alternatively, you may also contact our customer service team at 1-877-892-7778 or to set up the immigration law free consultation.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Free Consultation with Falcon Law PC’s Immigration Lawyers?

To prepare for the free immigration law consultation, please have accessible any personal information related to your immigration application such as your work experience, age, immigration status in home country, among other things. If there are any dependants in your immigration application, then you are encouraged to also have their personal information readily accessible during the time of the free immigration law consultation.

What can I expect during a Free Consultation with Falcon Law PC’s Immigration Lawyers?

During the free consultation, our immigration lawyers will assess the information that you provide relating to your immigration profile. Our immigration lawyers may suggest options and ideas relating to potential immigration applications. Our immigration lawyers may provide you strategic advice and best practices to ensure a successful immigration application. Our immigration lawyers strive to provide you with value during the free immigration law consultations. Please be advised that any advice or information provided during immigration law free consultations is for information purposes only and shall not be construed as actual legal advice.

Do I need to attend the offices of Falcon Law PC in Mississauga or Toronto for a Free Consultation?

No, you do not need to attend our offices for the free consultation in Mississauga or Toronto. We offer free immigration law consultations on a virtual basis through means such as telephone or videoconference.

If you have any questions about our immigration law services or about free consultations, we encourage you to contact our immigration law team at 1-877-892-7778 or

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