Immigration Lawyer’s Guide to Hiring a Foreign Worker in Ontario: Insights by Falcon Law PC

Hiring a foreign worker can be a strategic move for businesses in Ontario, enabling access to a global talent pool and potentially filling specialized roles. However, the process is governed by specific legal and procedural guidelines. Navigating the intricacies of immigration law can be daunting without expert counsel. Enter Falcon Law PC, your reliable partner in understanding the landscape of hiring foreign workers in Ontario.

Key Steps in Hiring a Foreign Worker in Ontario:

  1. Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA):
    • Before hiring a foreign worker, most employers must obtain an LMIA from Employment and Social Development Canada. This assessment verifies that there’s a genuine need for a foreign worker and that no Canadians are available for the job.
    • Falcon Law PC can assist businesses in ensuring their LMIA applications are comprehensive and compliant.
  2. Temporary Work Permit Application:
    • After obtaining a positive LMIA, the foreign worker must apply for a Temporary Work Permit.
    • Our team can guide both employers and potential employees through this process, ensuring all documentation is in order and addressing any potential issues.
  3. Express Entry System:
    • For skilled foreign workers, the Express Entry system offers a pathway to Canadian permanent residency. Falcon Law PC can advise on whether this system might be an appropriate avenue for your potential hire and assist with the application process.
  4. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):
    • Ontario has its PNP, which allows the province to nominate individuals for immigration to Canada based on local labour market needs.
    • We can guide businesses and foreign workers on leveraging the Ontario PNP for streamlined immigration.
  5. Ensuring Compliance with Employment Standards:
    • Once a foreign worker is employed, businesses must adhere to Ontario’s employment laws, ensuring fair wages, working conditions, and benefits.
    • Falcon Law PC offers counsel to businesses on maintaining compliance and understanding their obligations.

Falcon Law PC: Your Expert in Foreign Worker Immigration

Beyond the aforementioned steps, there are many nuanced considerations, from understanding the different categories of foreign workers (high-skilled, low-skilled, etc.) to addressing any changes in immigration regulations.

With Falcon Law PC by your side, you’re assured of:

  • Comprehensive Consultations: Understand the complete landscape of hiring foreign workers and determine the best strategies for your business.
  • Smooth Documentation Process: We ensure that all paperwork, from LMIAs to work permits, is handled diligently and timely.
  • Ongoing Support: Immigration laws and regulations can evolve. Stay updated and compliant with our continuous counsel.

If you’re considering hiring a foreign worker in Ontario, ensure you’re equipped with the best legal expertise. Contact Falcon Law PC today at 1-877-892-7778 or drop us an email at for thorough guidance.

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