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Nurturing your Canada transition, we’ll put round-the-clock support, extensive expertise, and a vast range of Canadian immigration programs at your fingertips. As a full-service law firm, with a virtual twist, we are renowned for combining a deep understanding of immigration law with unparalleled convenience. Bringing rich insights to you, we’re more than a team of experts. We’re the future of immigration support.

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Falcon Law PC Immigration Services – how does it work?

Falcon Law PC is a renowned immigration law firm based in Toronto, Canada. Our team of immigration lawyers provide assistance to individuals and businesses worldwide on immigration law matters. We are proud to provide services to Canada and the world on a virtual basis, without a client ever having to step foot into our offices. In additional to virtual services, we offer prompt communications, flat fees, and excellent customer service. Speak to our immigration lawyers now for an assessment of your case. 

Virtual Services

Being a virtual first law firm, our immigration lawyers take pride in being able to serve immigration clients worldwide.  Without stepping foot in our offices in Ontario, your immigration application can be processed from start to finish. 

Competent Advice

Our immigration lawyers have years of experience in handling immigration application worldwide including express entry, family sponsorships, and temporary visas. 

Proven Track Record

Our team is proven in its ability to handle simple to complex immigration applications. See our Google Reviews to check out what our immigration law customers think about us. 

Trusted Brand

Falcon Law PC is more than just a law firm. We are a brand entrusted by individuals and businesses worldwide with their immigration applications and other legal matters. 

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Steering you through the endless stream of forms, putting the spotlight on Canada’s most suitable programs, and helping you navigate immigration with a criminal record, we’re driving a new age of hassle-free immigration. Based in the heart of Toronto, we’ll put your move in the hands of a specialist team regulated by the Law Society of Ontario.

At Falcon Law PC, our team of dedicated Canadian Immigration Lawyers is committed to providing a comprehensive range of immigration services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you’re seeking temporary or permanent residency, family sponsorship, work permits, or assistance with citizenship applications, our experienced Canadian Immigration Lawyers are here to guide you through every step of the process. With a deep understanding of Canada’s immigration laws and policies, we offer expert advice and personalized solutions to help you achieve your immigration goals smoothly and efficiently. At Falcon Law PC, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of Canadian immigration.


Absolutely! There are a multitude of avenues that international residents can take into Canada, depending on their skill set, job prospects, and financial position. While the Express Entry system is regarded as the most efficient – with turnaround times of 6-12 months – we’ll outline all your options, from the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to the Business Investor Program, for those with notable cash reserves.

Using a points-based system, the Express Entry route is targeted at skilled professionals, allocating them a number of points based on their education level, age, industry experience, skill transferability and language skills. With extensive experience supporting individuals, couples, and families through this process, take advantage of expert-led support.

Certainly! While ‘Type A’ jobs generally require a university degree, there are a vast range of programs available for those without a lengthy education history. If you have a ready-to-go job offer, you’re set to join your Canadian spouse, or you’re open to making use of one of the many available programs, from the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) to the Agri-food Pilot (AIP), you will not require a degree.

We’re proud to offer all services related to Canadian immigration, viewing ourselves as a one-stop hub. Whether you require help drafting your application, guidance identifying the best program for you, or support navigating an appeal, our in-house specialists can help.

When we say we’re on your team – we mean it. Putting you in touch with a team of accomplished immigration lawyers, we’ll bring extensive expertise, unparalleled experience, and a tight-knit local 

No – unless you want to. While our office doors are open to all our clients, we’re more than happy to support you virtually, from our first consultation to the final signing of your application. Through emails, video calls, and easy-to-use technologies, we’ll bring you all the benefits of face-to-face support, without the inconvenience.

We have offices in Mississauga, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario, however, we prefer to serve our clients on a virtual basis so that we can provide the most cost effective and time effective services to our immigration clients. We are well equipped in processing immigration applications on a completely virtual and hassle free basis. 

While we do not guarantee free consultations, we prefer to provide free consultations wherever we can. During the free consultation we do not provide you with substantive legal advice, rather we provide you with various options and pathways for your immigration into Canada. 

We strive to provide flat fees and bundled packages wherever we can. This means that rather than charging you a billable hour we will offer you a flat fee which can be paid at once or broken down into various stages. This provides our customers with clarity and consistency in terms of billing. 


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