In-Canada vs. Outside-Canada Spousal Sponsorship Application: Which is Best for Your Situation?

Navigating the world of spousal sponsorship can be intricate. Among the most critical decisions to make is choosing between In-Canada and Outside-Canada spousal sponsorship applications. Both pathways have their unique benefits and challenges, and your choice can significantly impact your application’s processing time and success. Falcon Law PC, as a renowned Toronto Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer firm, provides insights into each option to help you determine the best course for your situation.

Understanding the Two Pathways:

1. In-Canada Spousal Sponsorship: This option is for couples where the foreign spouse or partner is already living in Canada (usually on a temporary visa) and wishes to apply for permanent residency without leaving the country.

2. Outside-Canada Spousal Sponsorship: This pathway caters to couples where the foreign spouse or partner applies for sponsorship from their home country or another country where they have legal residency.

Advantages and Challenges: Insights from a Toronto Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer:

In-Canada Spousal Sponsorship:


  • Living Together: The couple can live together in Canada during the application process, which can be emotionally reassuring.
  • Work Permit: The foreign spouse may be eligible to apply for an open work permit while waiting for the application’s processing, allowing them to work in Canada.


  • Limited Travel: While the application is in progress, the sponsored spouse’s ability to travel outside Canada can be limited. Returning might pose risks to the application.

Outside-Canada Spousal Sponsorship:


  • Flexibility in Travel: The sponsored spouse can travel in and out of Canada during the application processing.
  • Potentially Faster Processing: Sometimes, depending on the visa office handling the application, the processing times might be shorter than the In-Canada option.


  • Physical Separation: The couple might have to live apart during the processing, unless the sponsoring partner also resides in the same foreign country.

Guidance from a Toronto Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer: Which is Best for Your Situation?

The decision often hinges on personal circumstances:

  • Prioritize Living Together: If being together during the application process is essential for you, the In-Canada pathway may be suitable.
  • Frequent Travel Required: If the foreign spouse needs to travel frequently for work or personal reasons, the Outside-Canada option might be more appropriate.
  • Consider Processing Times: Processing times can vary based on several factors, so consult with a Toronto Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer to gauge which option might be expedited based on current trends.

In Conclusion:

Choosing between In-Canada and Outside-Canada spousal sponsorship applications is a pivotal decision that requires careful consideration of both personal preferences and practical realities. A well-informed choice, made with the guidance of a Toronto Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer, can enhance your chances of a successful sponsorship journey.

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