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Construction law involves a wide range of legal issues related to the construction industry, including contracts, employment disputes, insurance claims, and regulatory compliance. If you are a contractor, developer, or property owner, it is important to have legal representation that can help you navigate these complex issues and protect your interests.

At Falcon Law PC, our experienced construction lawyers can provide legal advice and representation for a variety of construction-related matters. Here are just a few examples of the legal issues we can assist with:

Contract drafting and negotiation: Our lawyers can help you draft and negotiate contracts for construction projects, including construction contracts, subcontractor agreements, and supply agreements.

Dispute resolution: If you are involved in a construction-related dispute, our lawyers can help you navigate the dispute resolution process. This may include negotiating a settlement, engaging in mediation or arbitration, or pursuing litigation in court.

Construction liens: If you are a contractor or subcontractor who has not been paid for work performed on a construction project, our lawyers can assist you in filing a construction lien to secure payment.

Occupational health and safety: Construction work can be dangerous, and it is important to comply with occupational health and safety regulations to protect workers and avoid liability. Our lawyers can provide guidance on compliance with relevant regulations and represent you in the event of an OHS investigation or prosecution.

Insurance claims: Construction projects often involve complex insurance issues, including claims for property damage, personal injury, and professional liability. Our lawyers can help you navigate the insurance claims process and ensure that your rights are protected.

These are just a few examples of the legal services we can provide as Ontario construction lawyers. Whether you are a contractor, developer, property owner, or other stakeholder in the construction industry, we can help you navigate the complex legal issues involved in construction projects.

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