Virtual Guardianship Lawyers

If a loved one is mentally incapable of making decisions for himself or herself, you may need to apply for guardianship of this individual. Applying for guardianship is usually a court administered process requiring complicated documents. Our team of lawyers at Falcon Law PC can assist you virtually in obtaining the guardianship of a loved one. Our team of lawyers will meet with you virtually in determining your particular needs and ensure you receive top quality legal service.

Our Guardianship Services

  • Guardianship applications for health
  • Guardianship applications for property
  • Guardianship of elders
  • Guardianship of incapable adult
  • Court approval of guardianship
  • Estate planning of incapable persons estate
  • Advice on your role as a guardian

We’ve worked on many guardianship applications and we have many happy clients to show for it. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Our virtual process:

  • Schedule virtual meeting
  • Share documents virtually and securely
  • Meet with our estates lawyer virtually
  • Execute documents virtually
  • Pay our lawyers electronically

We’re a virtual and 100% online based law firm serving all of Ontario. We’re a click away for all of your estate legal needs.

Legal Issues are complicated. Getting a good lawyer is simple.

Complete this form in one minute and get a response from our virtual team in 24 hours.

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