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Welcome to Falcon Law PC, a distinguished legal firm where our accomplished non-profit lawyers and charity lawyers are dedicated to serving the unique needs of charities and non-profit organizations. In the nuanced and ever-evolving sector of charity and non-profit law, our team is passionately committed to providing unparalleled legal advice, guidance, and representation to help you navigate the intricate legal landscapes your organization may encounter. Whether you’re establishing a new charity, managing a non-profit, or seeking advice on regulatory compliance, our charity and non-profit lawyers are here to ensure your organization can focus on its mission while we take care of the legal intricacies. At Falcon Law PC, we combine extensive knowledge, experience, and a deep commitment to help charities and non-profit organizations thrive in their noble pursuits.

Our Non-profit & Charity Law Services

Incorporation: Our team is available to assist you in formalizing your charity or non-profit organization, guaranteeing adherence to all pertinent legal mandates and requirements.

Governance and Compliance: Our team is adept at aiding you in creating and enforcing guidelines and processes that meet all legal and regulatory standards, encompassing the Income Tax Act and the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

Taxation: We are equipped to offer advice on matters related to taxation, including securing and upholding tax-exempt status and registering for charitable status.

Fundraising and Donations: Our team is here to assist you in devising and applying fundraising approaches and donation initiatives, ensuring adherence to relevant laws and regulations.

Employment and Labour: We are available to aid in the formulation and negotiation of employment agreements, the establishment of workplace guidelines, and resolution of workplace disputes.

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Navigating the multifaceted worlds of charity and non-profit sectors necessitates the specialized support of both a non-profit lawyer and a charity lawyer. A proficient non-profit lawyer offers essential counsel on legal frameworks, aiding in areas like incorporation and compliance, while a charity lawyer focuses on the distinctive needs of charities, dealing with registrations, donations, and fundraising. The combined expertise of a non-profit lawyer and a charity lawyer is crucial, enabling organizations to pursue their altruistic goals while ensuring their operations are legally sound and compliant.

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connie kot
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Hasina Noor
I hardly leave review but I have to leave it for this company .I book consultation with them for my Brother who is in Afghanistan to help him with the work visa. My brother said the person I was talking to was very very rude he was not answering any of his questions or neither talking . My brother said I tell hi this is hillal but the the person he was talking not even said his name , how is that even possible in Country like Canada .My brother was so excited for almost a week and get prepared to talk to them and was ready send them any paperwork they gonna ask for. very very rude the worst experience of my life. Please owner or manager of the falcon law give your employees behavior training how to talk to people no matter where they are from .
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Kyle Dine
Easy to work with, and incredibly insightful at helping create and fine-tune our online terms and privacy documents.
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Amir P.Afshar
WoW!! Excellent customer and technical service, responsive team, great and professional attitude! I'd like to thank Raz and his great team for the service that I've received for my corporation. I would definitely recommend this professional team to everyone!
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Michael Hicks
I would highly recommend Flacon Law to anyone who is interested in obtaining Canadian citizenship. Their communication and promptness was top notch. They made the whole process seamless and easy. Very helpful and straight forward with all of my questions and concerns. Karan did an amazing job!
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Andre Campbell
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Jacob Giancola
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Some of our non-profit and charity legal services:

  • Registration of non-profits
  • Registration of charities
  • Incorporation of non-profits
  • Non-profit bylaws and agreements
  • Corporate Governance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Dissolutions and amalgamations

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The types of non-profit and charity organizations we represent:

  • Religious centres
  • Community centres
  • Special interest groups
  • Advocacy groups
  • Environmental
  • Human rights
  • Arts and culture
  • Animal welfare

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