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Bringing unparalleled industry experience, rich expertise, and a commitment to excellence to your real estate transaction, we’re focused on convenience. Delivering all the benefits of in-person consultations, without having to step foot inside our office, we’re striving to reimagine virtual real estate services in Ontario. Simple, secure, and speedy – as it should be.

At Falcon Law, we approach all our clients with the same attention to detail and transparent communication, regardless of transaction complexity. Ensuring no stone is left unturned, we take pride in drafting robust contracts, negotiating sought-after terms, and advocating for your needs, securing your most expensive asset and nurturing your peace of mind.

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    It all starts with a click. Simply tell us about your transaction, upload your files, and we’ll be in touch with a quote within 24 hours.
    Whether you’d prefer to sign your closing documents virtually from the comfort of your home or book an appointment at our office, sign on your terms.
    Once we’ve given you the green light, securely transfer the required funds, and await a real-time status update.
    Centred on your convenience, the entire process can be completed virtually. Pick up (or leave!) your keys, and you’ll be all set for your next chapter.



Handling paperwork, supporting mortgage applications, negotiating price reductions, and overseeing contract signings, our virtual real estate services are designed to nurture seamless buying processes.


Reducing delays, maintaining compliance, negotiating terms, and liaising with your buyer’s legal team, our in-house experts will advocate for your best interests, streamlining the A-to-B.


Negotiating terms, preparing documentation, checking for financial liens, and simplifying complex details, our real estate lawyers will do all of the refinancing heavy lifting.


Ensuring that your property seamlessly transfers from one owner to another, we’ll oversee the full process, checking for compliance breaches, examining documentation, and ensuring no detail slips through the net.


Drafting documentation, outlining terms, and overseeing the signing of the contract, we will build water-tight agreements, as meticulously crafted as they are legally binding.


Minimizing risks and maximizing benefits when negotiating the terms of your trust agreement, our real estate law experts adhere to the ultimate trio – efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.


We’re there. Whether you need help extending a closing date, conducting an appraisal, accessing better mortgage terms, or disputing a breach of contract, our in-house experts are a tap away.

The Falcon Law PC Formula 


We’re there when you need us most. Placing expert guidance in the palm of your hands, we’re saying ‘no’ to call queues and out-of-office email responses.


We’ll make your success our business. From the first consultation to closing, we’ll be at your side, armed with expertise, experience and bucket-loads of encouragement.


We don’t like surprises. Through flat fees and bundled packages, as well as the option of disbursements, we’re committed to easy-to-understand, low-cost pricing.


We’ll never keep you guessing. Matching our extensive real estate law experience with a dedication to seamless client experiences, we’ll operate on your terms.


With an in-house team of experts, take advantage of our broad range of virtual services. Think of us as a one-stop hub, where you’ll never need to go elsewhere.


We offer far more than end-to-end convenience. Cutting costs, offering real-time updates, and placing all your documents in one place, we are the future of real estate law.

Based on 119 reviews
Kelly Wang
Kelly Wang
Raz and his team helped us with our e-commerce TnC, Privacy Policy and Seller Agreement. My company is happy with their work and I personally enjoyed working with the Falcon team as communications are open and efficient and they kept everything transparent so nothing for me to worry about. Raz even offered additional discount to help us keep the project within our budget. I'd suggest you give them a try if you need legal help for your business, you would not regret the money paid.
Jasjyot Bhelay
Jasjyot Bhelay
So glad I got to touch base with Raz and his whole team. They were highly helpful with the matter I had and really took the time to look into my matter. Raz was also very responsive to the emails and phone calls, and communicated thoroughly. I would definitely recommend their law firm and especially Raz to my family and friends. And in future I would go back to him for all my business needs.
Raz was awesome to work with. Made a daunting task easy to complete and understand. Very pleasant and professional with great step by step communication.
Karandeep Singh
Karandeep Singh
I was extremely happy and satisfied with the services that Falcon Law provided. Very professional and very easy to work with. All work that was needed to be done was done with great effort, communication, and integrity. Would highly recommend!
Logan Young
Logan Young
Raz & Aneal were very helpful in getting my business incorporated! Very Responsive and Helpful every step of the way. Thanks again. Will be using your services in the future.
Harman Padda
Harman Padda
As a business owner its very important to be productive and efficient every single day. Making sure a structure is in place is key. Raz and Deep were truly helpful and words won't serve justice as to how grateful i am having them in my corner especially in a business like mine. Once again thank you so much and i recommend to all those around me and more thanks
Anindya Dey
Anindya Dey
They are a great law firm to work with really professional and very efficient I hired them for one job but now have made them My own wet law firm I was very pleased with their cooperation and friendliness I am pleased work with this law firm As they have been a great company to work with


Available round-the-clock, through a channel that suits you, we’re pressing ‘pause’ on paperwork mountains, difficult-to-find files, and lengthy administrative processes. Paperless, efficient, and always ultra-secure, step into a better way to work.


In short, yes. Whether your transaction is run-of-the-mill or overly complex, your lawyer will streamline the process, from drafting documentation, liaising with the seller, and obtaining financing to combatting complications as they arise. Placing your best interests at the heart of everything we do, purchasing a property doesn’t have to be daunting.

We stray from the one-size-fits-all pricing structure, so we’d encourage you to get in touch directly for a bespoke quote. That said, our time-saving tech solutions and lack of brick-and-mortar locations allow us to pass notable savings onto our clients.

With a team of multidisciplinary in-house experts, we specialize in a broad range of residential and commercial closings services. Whether you require a helping hand with purchases or sales, guidance with refinances and mortgages, or more specialized support with title transfers, purchase and sale agreements or trust agreements, we can help.

Yes! We understand the intricacies involved in buying/ purchasing a property as a non-resident. Acting as the bridge between you and your mortgage lender, examining tax complications, and familiarising you with Canadian terms, laws, and regulations, our specialists will guide you through the process.

We’re real estate law experts, with the deep industry know-how to match. Often described as problem-solvers and innovators, to us, it’s just another day of guiding our clients through their most critical moments. Available round-the-clock, we’ll bring easy-to-understand, dependable guidance to your transaction. No confusing jargon. No daunting paperwork. Just legal advice, made easy.

Bringing a new age of real estate law to Ontario, transactions have never been easier. Virtual, convenient, and expert-led, your FREE consultation is a tap away.


We like transparent pricing, easy processes, and real results. So do you. To make it official, fill out the form, and prepare for us to respond within 24 hours.

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