Rooted in Law: Unraveling Toronto’s Tree Protection By-Laws with Falcon Law PC

Toronto, lovingly referred to as the “City within a Park,” boasts more than just its iconic skyline. A sprawling canopy of green, with trees lining streets and filling parks, makes Toronto a nature lover’s paradise. This lush environment doesn’t come without its regulations. Falcon Law PC delves deep into the intricacies of Toronto’s tree protection by-laws, ensuring property owners fully grasp the essentials of tree removal and injury permits.

Toronto’s Commitment to Tree Protection

Toronto’s tree protection by-laws underscore the city’s commitment to:

  1. Preserve its Urban Forest: A crucial part of maintaining the city’s air quality and natural beauty.
  2. Safeguard Ecosystems: Trees play a pivotal role in local ecosystems, providing habitat and sustenance for various species.
  3. Combat Climate Change: Trees are natural carbon sinks, aiding in the fight against global warming.

When is a Permit Required?

1. Private Tree Removal: If you’re considering removing a tree with a diameter of more than 30 cm from your property, think twice. A permit is essential, even if the tree is dead or hazardous.

2. Injury to a Tree: Injuring a tree, either through pruning or other actions that might harm its health, often requires a permit.

Understanding the Permitting Process with Falcon Law PC

1. Application Submission: This involves detailed documentation, including the reason for removal or injury and an arborist report.

2. Assessment: City officials will assess the health of the tree, its impact on the local ecosystem, and the necessity of the requested action.

3. Approval/Denial: Not all applications get approved. The city prioritizes preservation, granting permits only when absolutely necessary.

Why Engage with Falcon Law PC?

Expertise: The team at Falcon Law PC boasts a deep understanding of Toronto’s tree protection by-laws.

Application Assistance: Navigating the application process can be daunting. Falcon Law PC ensures your application is both comprehensive and compelling.

Dispute Resolution: In case of disputes over tree removal or injuries, having expert legal representation is invaluable.

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