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We handle real estate transactions completely virtually. This means that we can process your real estate closing from start to finish completely online, without you having to step foot into our office. Our virtual real estate lawyers specialize in residential and commercial real estate matters. Falcon Law PC makes transacting in real estate simple and convenient – use our services from the comfort of your home or office

Here are some of the agreements that we assist our clients in drafting or reviewing:

Founder Agreements

If you and your partners have a great new idea, but you are not at the stage of incorporation, our virtual lawyers can help you set up a founder agreement to help your team protect its rights in terms of intellectual property, competition, solicitation, ownership, and more.

Shareholder Agreements

If you’ve organized your business as a corporation (with or without the help of our virtual lawyers – see our incorporation packages by clicking here),we can assist you in setting up a shareholder agreement to set out management duties, share transfer restrictions, post-employment restrictions, capital contribution requirements, and more.

Partnership Agreements

If you’ve decided that entering into business in your personal capacities is the most legally and financially sound decision for your new venture, then our lawyers can help you and your partners establish a partnership agreement to set up various rights and regulations.

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