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It is critical to negotiate and enter into a shareholder, founder, or partnership agreement when starting a business. Generally, the purpose of these agreements is to govern the relationship between you and your partners in relation to the business. Our team of business agreement lawyers can assist you and your business partners quickly and easily with a shareholder agreement, founder agreement, or partnership agreement. 

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Here are some of the business agreements that our lawyers can assist you with:

What is a Founder Agreement

Our founder agreement lawyers can assist you in negotiating and executing a founder agreement for your startup or new business. Generally, founder agreements are for startups in the early stages of their business such as the ideation stage. At the ideation stage, founders are concentrated on finalizing the idea or concept of their product, and the technicalities surrounding this. As such, it is important for founders to protect themselves and their intellectual property in the form of a founder agreement. Startups are a fast growing and high risk business and a founder agreement can help mitigate some of those risks. For a consultation on our founder agreement services, please click here to book an appointment with our founder agreement lawyers. 

What is a Shareholder Agreement?

Our shareholder agreement lawyers can assist you in negotiating and executing a shareholder agreement. A shareholder agreement is a document that governs the relationship between shareholders of a corporation. A shareholder agreement can address many legal concerns such as non-competition between shareholders, management duties, and rights to transfer shares. A shareholder agreement prepared by a shareholder agreement lawyer can help protect the corporation and the shareholders and avoid disputes which may negatively affect the business of the corporation. For a consultation on our shareholder agreement services, please click here to book an appointment with our shareholder agreement lawyers.

What is a Partnership Agreement?

Our partnership agreement lawyers can assist you in negotiating and executing a partnership agreement. A partnership agreement may be entered into in the event that you are seeking to operate a business in your personal capacity, among other circumstances. Partners may seek to operate in their personal capacities for taxation or other reasons. A partnership agreement helps formalize a partnership between two or more partners at the sole proprietor or individual capacity level. A partnership may also be establish between corporations or a mixture of corporations and individuals. For a consultation on our partnership agreement services, please click here to book an appointment with our partnership agreement lawyers. 

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If you already have a business agreement ready, whether a template or prepared by you, our lawyers can help you in reviewing and modifying the business agreement. Click below to Quickstart a Contract Review now with our business agreement lawyers. 

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Are you looking for a quick & cost-effective business agreement for your new venture? Our business agreement lawyers offer templates of shareholder agreements, founder agreements, and partnership agreements, which you purchase for a fraction of the price of a custom drafted and negotiated agreement. Click here to set up a consultation and let us know that you are looking for a quick and cost-effective solution for a business agreement. Our virtual lawyers are your one-stop shop for all things business agreements, from complex negotiated agreements to template shareholder and founder agreements. 

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Shareholder agreements and founder agreements are generally similar documents and are used for the purpose of regulating the relationship between the owners of a business. Founders agreements are generally tailored towards startup and tech clients and are generally negotiated at ideation or early stages of the business. On the other hand, shareholder agreements are generally negotiated once a corporation has been established and the business has moved forward from the ideation stage. Founders agreement may also speak more to intellectual property matters and other matters which concern startups more than they concern standard non-startup corporations. Feel free to contact our business agreement lawyers now at or click here to schedule a consultation to discuss further on the differences between shareholder agreements and founder agreements. 

While you can obtain a templated agreement from free online resources or draft an agreement yourself, such agreements may not be suitable for your interests and the interests of your business. Our business agreement lawyers are very well versed in drafting shareholder agreements, founder agreements, and partnership agreements. Our business agreement lawyers will ensure that the agreement is appropriate for your business, legally sound, and ensure that you and all other stakeholders understand their obligations flowing from the agreement. Whether you have a new startup or business, our business agreement lawyers can provide you with a free consultation regarding the organization of your new business. 

Our business agreement lawyers are located at our offices in Mississauga, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario. Our Toronto and Mississauga based lawyers can assist you in preparing and negotiating a shareholder agreement, founder agreement, or partnership agreement. Click here to contact our business agreement lawyers now for a free consultation. 

Business agreements can very depending upon the nature of the corporation, number of stakeholders, and the requirements of the stakeholders. Generally, for smaller startups or corporations with 1-3 stakeholders, a shareholder agreement, founder agreement, or partnership agreement can start at $1,000.00, plus tax, and go upwards of $4,000.00, plus tax. You may schedule a free consultation with our business agreements lawyers by clicking here to receive a custom quote. If you already have an agreement template or copy, you can Quickstart a contract review by clicking here. If you are concerned about cost and you seek a quick & cost-effective agreement, then our business agreement lawyers will be able to offer you templated and standard shareholder agreements, founder agreements, and partnership agreements for a fraction of the cost of a complex and negotiated agreement. 


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