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Falcon Law PC is a small business lawyer serving Toronto and surrounding areas. Falcon Law PC can assist your small business from the ideation stage to the growth stage. We are experienced in working with small businesses ranging from tech companies to more traditional businesses such as construction companies. We provide strategic advice and legal planning for small businesses in Toronto on an everyday basis. The below are some ways in which we assist small businesses in Toronto.

Business Organization

We help small businesses organize and set up their business structures. From corporations to sole proprietorships, we advise our small business clients on how they should set up or continue their businesses. Proper business structure can help with tax planning, equity structuring, and liability protection. 

Ongoing Support

Small businesses in Toronto seek our advice on a routine basis for their legal needs such as advice on unpaid accounts, the drafting of contracts, and negotiations of purchase and sale transactions. We take pride in being a communication first law firm, such that we are actively receiving the calls of our small business clients and providing the advice that they deserve.

Regulatory Matters

Many small businesses are in highly regulated industries. We help our small business clients navigate complex regulatory environments and ensure that they are compliant. Many of our small business clients require licenses and approvals for operating a business and for help this, they turn to our expertise and experience.


A small business will need to grow its team and employees as it grows in business. As you know, managing a team and human resource duties can be complicated and risky. We serve as trusted counsel for small businesses which require our strategic advice in terms of employee management and related needs.

If you would like any more information about our small business law services in the Toronto area feel free to contact us at Please do note that in addition to Toronto we are a law firm serving all of Ontario, Canada.

Raz Toor, Lawyer

April 22, 2022

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