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Where your business comes first.

We’re anything but ordinary. Responsible for protecting your business, preserving your assets, and growing your market share, our business lawyers will become an extension of your team. Armed with extensive legal experience, a vast network, and a drive to help you operate with confidence, we’ll place ourselves at the heart of your ventures, combatting obstacles as they arise.

We view ourselves as intentionally different, free of hourly rates, complex jargon, and lengthy response times. Speaking your language, we pride ourselves on our stand-out approach to communication, available round-the-clock, in a location that works for you. Putting you in control of your finances with block fees and bundles packages, we’re saying ‘no’ to hidden fees and ‘yes’ to guilt-free at-home guidance.

Employment Law

Our role extends far beyond hiring and firing. Responsible for drafting employment contracts, navigating compliant terminations, advising you on payroll tax, and building legally binding benefits packages, we’ll become the driving force behind seamless business expansions. Bridging the gap between your business and top talent, client-first isn’t just a motto – it’s in our DNA.

What to expect:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Hiring And Firing Employees
  • Remote Work Agreements
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Business Policies
  • Employment Claims

Corporate Law

We’re redefining the world of business law. Taking your business digital, you’ll have one-click, round-the-clock access to your corporate records, stored within our purpose-built virtual minute books. Balancing strategic advice with efficient support, our corporate lawyers will steer you through every stage, from commercial financing to dispute resolution.

Tax Guidance

Taxation doesn’t have to be daunting. Guiding businesses through a multitude of tax issues, from relief applications and rollovers to restructuring and voluntary disclosure, we’ll build tax-efficient strategies that work for you. With an expansive network at our fingertips, if our corporate lawyers can’t offer the support you need, we’ll refer you to a team of specialists who can.

Obtain a Free Assessment of Your Case Quick and Easy!

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

With a stellar track record for success, we have the expertise to steer you through the full civil litigation process. From contract disputes and negligence claims to employment disputes and shareholder challenges, we approach dispute resolution with an eye for efficiency. Nurturing the beginning-to-end process, we’ll use prevention strategies to avoid litigation, before negotiating an attractive pre-litigation settlement.

Real Estate

Helping you navigate seamless real estate transactions, from acquisitions to refinancing, we’re committed to bringing vast expertise to your ventures. Mitigating risks, maximizing profits, and maintaining end-to-end compliance, our in-house specialists will take ownership of your documentation, from lease agreements and tenancy agreements to land contracts and deeds.

Buying/Selling a Business

Removing the complexities from business acquisition and mergers, we’ll support your transaction in its most critical moments. Boasting extensive experience across all of Ontario’s key sectors, we’ll position ourselves at the heart of the sale, exercising due diligence, protecting your assets, drafting water-tight documentation, and negotiating your agreement.

Day to Day Business Advice

Tasked with handling your daily affairs, from project financing and licensing to employment contracts and transporting hazardous goods, our in-house business lawyers will become your soundboard, strategizing your next move, overseeing your ventures, and helping you toe the compliance line. If you have a legal question, we’ll always be a tap away. 

Based on 119 reviews.
Kelly Wang
Kelly Wang
Raz and his team helped us with our e-commerce TnC, Privacy Policy and Seller Agreement. My company is happy with their work and I personally enjoyed working with the Falcon team as communications are open and efficient and they kept everything transparent so nothing for me to worry about. Raz even offered additional discount to help us keep the project within our budget. I'd suggest you give them a try if you need legal help for your business, you would not regret the money paid.
tanya iliakis
tanya iliakis
Oleg Rusakov
Oleg Rusakov
Jasjyot Bhelay
Jasjyot Bhelay
So glad I got to touch base with Raz and his whole team. They were highly helpful with the matter I had and really took the time to look into my matter. Raz was also very responsive to the emails and phone calls, and communicated thoroughly. I would definitely recommend their law firm and especially Raz to my family and friends. And in future I would go back to him for all my business needs.
Raz was awesome to work with. Made a daunting task easy to complete and understand. Very pleasant and professional with great step by step communication.
Ashley Wilgosz
Ashley Wilgosz
Karandeep Singh
Karandeep Singh
I was extremely happy and satisfied with the services that Falcon Law provided. Very professional and very easy to work with. All work that was needed to be done was done with great effort, communication, and integrity. Would highly recommend!
Logan Young
Logan Young
Raz & Aneal were very helpful in getting my business incorporated! Very Responsive and Helpful every step of the way. Thanks again. Will be using your services in the future.
Harman Padda
Harman Padda
As a business owner its very important to be productive and efficient every single day. Making sure a structure is in place is key. Raz and Deep were truly helpful and words won't serve justice as to how grateful i am having them in my corner especially in a business like mine. Once again thank you so much and i recommend to all those around me and more thanks
Anindya Dey
Anindya Dey
They are a great law firm to work with really professional and very efficient I hired them for one job but now have made them My own wet law firm I was very pleased with their cooperation and friendliness I am pleased work with this law firm As they have been a great company to work with


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