Virtual Small Business Lawyers

You’ve put your all into your small business and we’ll help you protect it.

We’ll help you protect and grow your business, while ensuring transparency in our billing and confidence in our services. You may have already noticed, but at Falcon Law we’re not believers in hourly rates. We’ll provide clarity with our block fees and bundled packages. Another benefit is that we’re totally virtual, so you can access our services through the comfort of your home or office. And note, just because we’re virtual doesn’t mean we won’t be accessible. In fact, we strive to be always available and at your service around the clock because we know that issues in business don’t always arise from 9 to 5.


When you need to know what to do to hire an employee or terminate employee, we’re a phone call away. We’ll discuss with you the legalities involved in incoming or outgoing employees. We also know that small businesses are nervous about Covid-19 and are unsure of how to manage their staff during this time, we’ll help you navigate these uncertain times.

Some of our employment services:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Hiring And Firing Employees
  • Remote Work Agreements
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Business Policies
  • Employment Claims

Corporate Law

Alike to what we offer to our start-ups, we provide our small businesses with virtual minute books, for which we draft and maintain agreements, resolutions, by-laws, and more. We’ll take care of all of your corporate records, without the large bulky binders, and available for you to access virtually at any time.

Tax Guidance

Tax can be an overwhelming and stressful thing; we want to take that away. Call us anytime and ask us your tax questions, whether these be about rollovers, restructuring, notices of objection, voluntary disclosure, and taxpayer relief applications. If an aspect of tax law is outside of our scope, we’ll refer you to accountants and tax specialists that work directly with our firm.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

If you find yourself amidst a business dispute, you can rely on us to negotiate on your behalf. We’ll help you achieve a pre-litigation settlement. At Falcon Law, we take proactive steps to prevent litigation and achieve a swift resolution. However, early resolution is not viable in all circumstances and as such, we’ll help you deal with the entire civil litigation process as well.

Real Estate Work

Real estate’s always a hot topic no matter in which field that you work. That’s why we help you with your review of real estate documents like lease agreements, agreements of purchase and sale, tenancy agreements, and further. We will also take care of your real estate transactions such as purchases, sales, and refinances.

Buying/Selling a Business

Thinking of exiting your business or entering into another? We’ve got you covered on this one too. We’ll take care of asset sales or share sales entirely over video-conference or at the comfort of your workplace. We’ll make sure you’re protected and you’re getting you’ve bargained for.

Day to Day Business Advice

We know that you may have a ton of legal questions about your business and they don’t necessarily fit into the categories listed here. Feel free to call or email us with your questions and we’ll respond to your questions as soon as we can.

Legal Issues are complicated. Getting a good lawyer is simple.

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