Splitting Property in Toronto: A Deep Dive into Lot Severance and the Municipal Permit Labyrinth with Falcon Law PC

Toronto, as a pulsing metropolitan hub, often witnesses real estate transitions that involve dividing property into separate parcels. Such a process, termed ‘lot severance’, requires careful navigation of the city’s legal maze. For property owners, understanding the role of municipal permits in this process is crucial. With Falcon Law PC lighting the way, journeying through this terrain becomes more manageable.

Lot Severance: An Overview

Lot severance refers to the division of a single property into two or more parcels, allowing each to be sold, developed, or utilized independently. It’s commonly pursued for various reasons, from maximizing investment returns to addressing urban growth needs.

The Role of Municipal Permits

1. Zoning By-laws: Before initiating the severance process, determine if your property meets the city’s zoning by-law requirements. These dictate lot sizes, dimensions, and other parameters.

2. Application Submission: Submit a detailed severance application to Toronto’s Committee of Adjustment. This application should outline your severance plan, complete with surveys and reasons for the division.

3. Review and Feedback: Once submitted, city departments and public agencies review your application. This may lead to feedback, which you might need to address in your proposal.

4. Public Hearing: The Committee of Adjustment schedules a public hearing where neighbors can voice their opinions or concerns about the proposed severance.

5. Decision: Post-hearing, the committee will either approve, conditionally approve, or deny the application based on various factors.

6. Finalization: If approved, you’ll need to meet the set conditions (e.g., payment of development charges) before receiving the final clearance.

Challenges in Lot Severance & How Falcon Law PC Can Assist

Addressing Zoning Issues: Our team aids in understanding zoning by-laws and strategizing severance plans that align with them.

Mitigating Neighbor Concerns: With expertise in dispute resolution, we can help address and ease neighborhood concerns about the proposed division.

Appealing Denied Applications: Should your application face denial, Falcon Law PC can guide you through the appeal process with Toronto’s Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.

Partner with Falcon Law PC: Your Ally in Property Division

  1. Unmatched Expertise: Our extensive experience in handling lot severance cases ensures your property division adheres to municipal regulations.
  2. Strategic Guidance: From initial planning to final approval, we offer strategic advice tailored to your property goals.
  3. Commitment to Clients: At Falcon Law PC, your vision becomes our mission. We work tirelessly to ensure your property aspirations materialize.

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