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When we say we care – we mean it. Partnering with start-ups across Canada, our business startup lawyers take pride in supporting local businesses, navigating seamless launches, and nurturing your long-term success. Putting trusted legal advice at your fingertips, we’ll guide you through your most critical moments, available round-the-clock, in a location that works for you. 

As business owners, we know what you need. Think flat fees and bundled packages, with no sneaky add-ons. Think a lack of brick-and-mortar costs, allowing us to pass our savings onto you. And consider flexible arrangements, from virtual meetings to specialist advice in the comfort of your home. Creating a client-first environment, our dedication to your business is woven through our every interaction. Our startup lawyers for new business are ready to speak to you for a no obligation consultation.

Business Structuring

Setting early-stage businesses up for success, our partnership will begin with a deep dive into the legal structure of your start-up. From opting between sole-proprietorship, corporation, partnership, joint venture, or otherwise, to navigating the world of business registration, partnership agreements, and business incorporation, we believe it’s never too early to think about compliance. Chat now with one of our business startup lawyers. 

Growing your team

Tap into top talent, compliant and supported. When you’re ready to make the leap, our business startup lawyers will help you navigate the employment waters, from drafting employment contracts, negotiating terms, and building benefits packages to crafting employee handbooks and honing workplace policies. An environment where your company culture lies front-and-centre. 

Your first office

As you turn the page on your next chapter, our startup lawyers will be there, armed with compliant documentation and strategic legal advice. Whether you’re seeking mortgage assistance, sales support, or letting guidance, we’ll play a pivotal role in your venture, from negotiating terms to drafting agreements.

Managing your minute book

As a team of tech-forward startup and business lawyers, we’ll ensure that your business never gets left behind. Hitting the brakes on traditional bulky binders, we’re using the power of cloud-based technology to store your minute book virtually. Brimming with key documentation, from shareholder agreements to articles of incorporation, we’ll place your papers within clicking distance.

Navigating regulated industries

We’ll become experts in your industry. Familiarising ourselves with niche-specific regulations, legal frameworks, and complications, we’ll take the complexities out of your day-to-day. Through bespoke services, vigorous research, and the thorough approach that we’re known for, we operate within a multitude of controlled industries, including insurance, healthcare, banking, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace. 

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Dispute Resolution

We’re on your team. With your interests at heart, we’ll call upon a range of techniques to help you settle out-of-court. Steering clear of expensive, time-consuming litigation, whether it’s an internal or external dispute, we’ll offer strategic support to help you focus your time where it counts – growing a global powerhouse.

Websites and Software

As the world moves online, so are we. Centred on water-tight privacy settings, stringent data security provisions, and fully compliant legal documents, from terms and conditions to privacy policies, we’ll protect your interests. Tapping into advanced tools and a rich understanding of technology law, step into the digital age with ease.


Ensuring that your start-up remains protected during its funding lifecycle, we’ll approach venture capital opportunities with next-generation strategies. Guiding you through the process, drafting legal documentation, and overseeing your agreements, our start-up lawyers will lead you through your transaction, laying robust foundations to build upon. 

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