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We will be by your side from the launch, to the growth, and to when you make it big.

Falcon Law proudly serves start-ups in and around the Greater Toronto Area and all over Canada. We know that you may just be getting off the ground and as such, we’ll make your take-off as smooth as possible. Our lawyers will be able to meet with you virtually around-the-clock or come to your office and learn about your needs first-hand.

We think billable hours are old news. We know that you want certainty and control over what you pay in legal fees and that’s why we bill in flat fees and bundled packages wherever we can. Another great thing is that we’re fully virtual and that means limited overhead and that means better fees for you. Below are some of the way in which we help our start-up clients.

The below is a snippet of what we can offer to our start-up clients. We’d love to speak with you over the phone or a video conference to learn more about your business or your business plans. We take pride in supporting our local start-ups and helping them realize their fullest potential.

Structuring your business

We advise whether to pursue your business as a sole-proprietorship, corporation, partnership, joint-venture, or otherwise. Once we’re decided on this, we’ll proceed by incorporating your business, registering your business name, or drafting your partnership agreement. If at any point you need reorganize your business, we can help with that to with tax rollovers, asset protection plans, and holding companies.

Growing your team

Once you’re ready to grow your team, we’ll advise you on everything employment. We’ll draft employment contracts for new employees, whether it’s a simple agreement or something complicated with stock options. If the time comes, we’ll advise you on terminating employees. We’ll draft your employee handbooks and workplace policies to help create the work environment that you strive for.

Your first office

When you let us know that you’re ready for an office, we’ll advise you on all things real estate. Drafting and negotiating leases, agreements of purchase and sale, sub-tenancy agreements – we can do it all. We also help our start-up clients with real estate transactions such as purchases, sales, and mortgages.

Managing your minute book

Corporations in Ontario are required to maintain a minute book. Traditionally these have been old and bulky binders stored at lawyer’s offices. We’ve made this fully virtual for you. We’ll maintain a virtual minute for your company, which you can view 24/7 at the click of a button. Minute books contain some important documents including articles of incorporation, by-laws, resolutions, shareholder agreements and more. We’ll draft all of these documents for you to.

Navigating regulated industries

Chances are that your industry is not plug and play and there are several regulatory hoops through which you have to jump. This is where we step in and help you navigate regulatory requirements to get your business up and running.

Dispute Resolution

Whether that is internal disputes (i.e. shareholders vs. management) or external disputes (your company vs. a third party contractor) we’ll represent you in negotiating an agreement. We believe in settling early and outside of court – litigation is expensive, time-consuming, and old school. Our goal is to keep you dispute-free and focusing on your business.

Websites and Software

We’ll protect your interests on the internet by ensuring that you have industry appropriate terms and conditions and privacy policies on your intellectual property that is websites, apps, and other software.


You can trust us to protect your interests when you need take on debt or sell equity to grow your business. We’ll walk you through the whole process from the agreements to the closing of the transaction.

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to give us a call and our legal team will do their best to help.

Legal Issues are complicated. Getting a good lawyer is simple.

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