Tax Considerations for Professional Corporations in Ontario

Introduction: When professionals in Ontario establish a professional corporation, they not only benefit from liability protection but also gain various tax advantages. Understanding the tax considerations specific to professional corporations is essential for optimizing tax planning strategies and maximizing the financial benefits. In this blog post, we will explore the key tax considerations for professional corporations in Ontario, providing insights to help you make informed decisions. For expert legal guidance on tax matters related to professional corporations, contact Falcon Law PC at 1-877-892-7778 or

  1. Income Splitting Opportunities: One significant advantage of operating through a professional corporation in Ontario is the potential for income splitting. By paying salaries, dividends, or utilizing other income-splitting strategies, professionals can allocate income among family members who are shareholders of the corporation. This can help reduce the overall tax burden by taking advantage of lower tax brackets and utilizing available tax credits.
  2. Tax Deferral: Another benefit of a professional corporation is the ability to defer taxes. Rather than being taxed immediately on income earned, professionals can retain a portion of their earnings within the corporation, subject to certain limits. This allows for deferring the personal tax liability until the income is distributed to the individual, potentially resulting in significant tax savings.
  3. Access to Small Business Deduction: Professional corporations in Ontario may qualify for the small business deduction (SBD), which offers a lower tax rate on the first portion of active business income. The SBD can result in substantial tax savings, as it effectively reduces the federal and provincial corporate tax rates. Falcon Law PC can guide you on the eligibility criteria and help ensure you maximize the benefits of the small business deduction.
  4. Eligibility for Professional Corporation Tax Rates: In Ontario, certain regulated professions, such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, and engineers, are eligible for special tax rates for professional corporations. These tax rates may be lower than the general corporate tax rates, providing additional tax advantages for professionals in these fields. Falcon Law PC can assist you in determining if your profession qualifies for the professional corporation tax rates and help you structure your corporation accordingly.
  5. GST/HST Considerations: Professional corporations in Ontario may be required to register for and charge the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on their services. Understanding the rules and obligations regarding GST/HST is crucial to ensure compliance with tax regulations. Falcon Law PC can provide guidance on GST/HST registration requirements and help you navigate the complexities of tax compliance.
  6. Record-Keeping and Reporting Obligations: Operating a professional corporation in Ontario involves maintaining accurate financial records and meeting reporting obligations. Falcon Law PC can advise you on the record-keeping requirements and help ensure that your professional corporation complies with tax filing deadlines and reporting obligations.

Conclusion: Tax considerations play a significant role in the financial success of professional corporations in Ontario. Understanding the tax advantages, such as income splitting opportunities, tax deferral, access to small business deductions, and specialized tax rates, is essential for optimizing tax planning strategies. Falcon Law PC is dedicated to assisting professionals in navigating the complexities of tax considerations for professional corporations. For expert legal guidance on tax matters related to professional corporations, contact Falcon Law PC at 1-877-892-7778 or Our experienced legal team can provide tailored advice and help you maximize tax advantages while ensuring compliance with tax regulations for your professional corporation.

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