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Work policies are a sound way of setting out the rules and regulations of a workplace. Work policies can supplement employment contracts and agreements to set out the expectations of workers. Since the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an obvious spike in work from home and remote work arrangements in workplaces across Canada. This has increased the need for employers to implement work policies to govern remote work settings. Our Toronto employment lawyers are experienced in advising on remote work policies. Click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our Toronto employment lawyers.  

What is Included in a Remote Work policy?

A remote work policy includes an employer’s rules and regulations surrounding work from home or remote work arrangements. Some sections that you can expect in a remote work policy include the following: usage of personal or “BYOD” devices, usage of unknown internet networks, communication with employer while working from home, among a host of other things. Every remote work policy is different based upon the employer and nature of work. Contact our Toronto employers for an assessment of your remote work policies.

How can a Remote Work Policy Protect my Business?

A remote work policy can protect your business in many ways. If you determine that a worker has failed to perform his or her duties while working from home, you may rely upon the remote work policy to terminate, suspend, or otherwise discipline the worker. Further, a remote work policy can be used to protect you in the event that a security breach occurs as a result of a remote worker. There are a host of benefits to implementing a remote work policy – discover them now by speaking to our Toronto employment lawyers.

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