Do you have a business logo, name, or slogan for which you seek exclusivity or protection? Our virtual trademark lawyers will search and assess your request before preparing and filing your trademark application with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Our virtual trademark lawyers offer completely virtual services, bundled packages, and prompt communication.

Our Trademark Services:

Trademark Registration

Trademark Renewal

Trademark Ownership Transfer

Trademark Monitoring

Trademark Search

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  1. Meet with you virtually
  2. Discuss the trademark registration/renewal/transfer process virtually
  3. Process retainer payment virtually
  4. Collect all required information from you virtually
  5. Virtually draft and file your trademark application
  6. Provide regular status updates regarding your trademark application virtually
  • Flat fees and bundled packages
  • No billing for soft costs such as printing and faxing
  • Virtual communication and application filing
  • Prompt communication and updates about your application

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