Understanding the Compliance Obligations of Charities


Charities play a vital role in society by addressing various social issues and providing support to those in need. However, operating a charity involves certain legal obligations and compliance requirements. In this blog post, Falcon Law PC, a reputable law firm specializing in charity law, will shed light on the compliance obligations of charities. Contact us at 1-877-892-7778 or info@falconlawyers.ca for expert legal advice tailored to your specific charitable organization.

1. Registering as a Charity

To operate as a charity, organizations must first register with the appropriate government agency or charity regulator. In Canada, this is typically the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Registration requires meeting specific criteria and demonstrating that the organization’s activities align with charitable purposes as defined by the law.

2. Meeting Reporting Requirements

Charities are obligated to fulfill various reporting requirements to maintain their registered status and comply with legal regulations. These include:

  • Annual Information Return: Registered charities must file an annual information return (Form T3010) with the CRA. This return provides details about the organization’s activities, finances, and governance structure. Failure to file the return or provide accurate information may lead to penalties or revocation of charitable status.
  • Financial Statements: Charities are required to prepare financial statements that comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) or the applicable accounting standards. These statements provide an overview of the organization’s financial position and are typically included in the annual information return.
  • Public Disclosure: Charities must make certain information available to the public. This includes providing a copy of their governing documents, such as the constitution or bylaws, upon request. Additionally, registered charities must disclose certain financial information on their websites or upon request.

3. Governance and Internal Policies

Maintaining proper governance and implementing internal policies is crucial for charities to demonstrate transparency and accountability. Some key aspects include:

  • Board of Directors: Charities should have a board of directors or trustees responsible for overseeing the organization’s activities and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. The board should act in the best interests of the charity and avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy: Charities should establish a conflict of interest policy to guide board members and staff in handling situations where personal interests may conflict with the organization’s best interests. This policy helps prevent conflicts and ensures transparent decision-making.
  • Record-Keeping: Charities must maintain accurate and organized records of their activities, finances, and governance. This includes minutes of board meetings, financial statements, donation records, and other important documents. Proper record-keeping helps demonstrate compliance and facilitate reporting.

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Navigating the compliance obligations of charities can be complex. Falcon Law PC is here to provide professional guidance and support:

  • Registration Assistance: We can assist in the process of registering your charity, ensuring that you meet the necessary requirements and provide the documentation needed for successful registration.
  • Reporting and Compliance: Our experienced charity law attorneys can guide you through the reporting obligations, ensuring that you meet the necessary deadlines, file accurate information returns, and maintain compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Governance and Policies: We can provide guidance on establishing effective governance structures, developing internal policies, and implementing best practices to ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance within your charitable organization.

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