What are some Notable Cases in Ontario Real Estate law?

Ontario real estate law has evolved over time through various cases that have helped to shape the legal landscape in this area. While there are many notable cases in Ontario real estate law, here are a few of the most prominent ones:

  1. Bhasin v. Hrynew (2014): This case established a new duty of good faith in contractual relationships, including real estate transactions.
  2. Krawchuk v. Scherbak (2009): This case involved the legal principle of adverse possession, where a person who has occupied another’s land for a certain period of time can claim ownership of that land.
  3. Toronto Standard Condominium Corporation No. 2130 v. York Bremner Developments Limited (2016): This case established the duty of condominium developers to disclose all material facts to prospective purchasers.
  4. D’Alessio v. Winston Park (2010): This case established that a real estate agent can be liable for damages if they breach their duty of care to their clients.
  5. Seneca College v. Bhadauria (1981): This case involved the legal principle of frustration of contract, where unforeseen circumstances may render a contract impossible to fulfill, such as the destruction of a property before the closing date.

It’s important to note that real estate law is constantly evolving, and new cases may arise that have an impact on the legal landscape in Ontario. If you have a legal issue related to real estate, it’s recommended that you consult with a lawyer who is experienced in this area of law. If you have any questions, you can speak to our lawyers by emailing info@falconlawyers.ca or calling 1-877-892-7778.

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