What are the Advantages of Setting Up a Professional Corporation? An Insight by Falcon Law PC

Greetings from Falcon Law PC! In today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the numerous advantages of establishing a professional corporation. Whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, accountant, or any other regulated professional, understanding the potential benefits of a professional corporation can be crucial for your practice’s growth and financial well-being.

1. Tax Benefits:

  • Lower Corporate Tax Rates: A significant advantage is the potential tax savings. Income earned by a professional corporation may be subject to a lower corporate tax rate compared to the personal tax rates that apply to sole practitioners.
  • Income Splitting: Through dividend distribution, professionals can allocate income to family members in lower tax brackets, potentially reducing the overall tax burden. However, it’s important to note that there have been changes and limitations to income splitting rules, so consultation with a tax professional is essential.
  • Tax Deferral: By retaining income within the corporation and paying it out as dividends in future years, professionals can potentially defer personal tax.

2. Limited Liability:

While professionals cannot escape liability for professional negligence through a corporation, other business-related liabilities like loans or lease obligations may be limited to the corporation. This can provide a shield for personal assets in certain situations.

3. Enhanced Credibility and Professional Image:

Having a professional corporation can lend an air of credibility to a practice. It can create an impression of a well-established, stable entity, potentially attracting more clients or business opportunities.

4. Flexible Pension and Retirement Options:

Professional corporations can provide more flexibility in retirement planning. With the ability to set up an Individual Pension Plan (IPP), professionals might benefit from larger retirement contributions compared to RRSP limits for sole proprietors.

5. Estate and Succession Planning:

A professional corporation can facilitate smoother transitions when passing down a practice. Shares of the corporation can be transferred to heirs or sold, which can be a structured approach to succession.

6. Employee Benefits:

A professional corporation can establish health and welfare plans or private health services plans for its employees (including the professional). Such benefits can be deducted by the corporation, offering tax-efficient compensation structures.

7. Continuity:

Unlike sole proprietorships, which end upon the death of the proprietor, a professional corporation continues to exist. This allows for an ongoing entity that can continue operations or be sold/transferred as needed.


While there are numerous advantages associated with setting up a professional corporation, it’s equally essential to be aware of the regulations, responsibilities, and costs that come with it. Professionals should consult with legal and financial advisors to ensure that a professional corporation is the right fit for their individual circumstances.

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