What are the Costs of hiring a Canadian Immigration lawyer for an immigration application from the United States?

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If you are an American resident thinking about moving to Canada, you may be concerned about lengthy immigration applications and high lawyer fees. This article is intended to shed light on the costs of hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer for your immigration application from the United States to Canada.

Generally, Canadian immigration lawyers charge flat rates for the filing of standard immigration applications. For example, if you are seeking to immigrate to Canada based upon a spousal sponsorship – this is likely an application an experienced immigration lawyer has completed several times and as such you should be given a flat fee. On other occasions, Canadian immigrations lawyers may be required to charge an hourly billable for their services. An hourly billable usually arises in complex situations such as an immigration appeal matter or an immigration litigation matter.

If you are thinking of proceeding with an immigration application to Canada from the United States, then it is very likely that your legal fee will be a flat rate. Our lawyers at Falcon Law PC prefer to charge flat rates and bundled packages. This way you can have clarity in your legal fees and do not have to worry about large legal bills following the completion of your immigration application.

Before spending extensive time trying to complete an immigration application on your own, we highly encourage you to speak to a qualified immigration lawyer. While using a lawyer may cost upfront legal fees, this can potentially save you thousands of dollars in a rejected immigration application and other costly mistakes. Our lawyers are experienced in spotting errors, missing documents, and other concerns with immigration applications from the United States. Contact our team of lawyers now to learn more on why we are the choice of Canadian immigration lawyer for many Americans.


Raz Toor

April 21, 2022

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