What Is a Corporate Profile Search & How Can It Help Me?

Are you a business owner or executive?

If you’re a business-to-business (B2B) company and deal primarily with other businesses, or you’re looking for information on other companies, then you’ll want to use a Corporate Profile Search.

A Corporate Profile Search is a specific search you can do to find out detailed information about a company. This is a great tool for anyone looking for more information about a corporation they’re interested in doing business with or investing in.

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What Is a Corporate Profile Search in Ontario?

In Ontario, a Corporate Profile Search is when you look up a company’s Corporate Profile Report (CPR). This report contains information on all Ontario corporations.

The CPR also contains information on corporations located outside Ontario (such as other provinces) that do business in Ontario.

The information you find in a Corporate Profile Report is based on information filed by the corporation. The information is then stored on the Ontario Business Information System (ONBIS).

The CPR is a public record which means anyone can access the information on any corporation conducting business in the province. The information will be up to date on the date the report was ordered.

The reports will include details such as:

  • Whether it’s active or not
  • Historical information
  • Names of all active directors
  • Names of all active officers
  • Amalgamating corporations
  • Corporation name history

It’s important to note that if the corporation is extra-provincial–or located outside Ontario–they’re only required to include primary information like the registered office of the corporation. If you want more information on extra-provincial corporations, you’ll have to contact the jurisdiction of the corporation.

How Can a Corporate Profile Search Help Me?

A corporate profile search is a helpful tool for anyone looking to do business with another corporation.

Here are a few ways a corporate profile search can help you:

  • Find out the names of directors and officers
  • Learn whether the company has merged or acquired another company
  • Find out key historical dates and actions the company has taken

A corporate profile search can help you learn previous corporation names to dig up any useful information about the company’s history.

The information in a corporate profile search can be useful whether you’re looking to invest in a company and want to learn more about the executives running the company. However, it’s also useful if you’re looking to partner with a company or form a merger.

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