Who Can Register a Professional Corporation in Ontario? A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of business, how you structure your professional entity can have significant implications both legally and financially. In Ontario, one popular option for many regulated professionals is the professional corporation. But who can use this structure?

In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of professions that are eligible to register a professional corporation in Ontario.

Eligible Professions for Professional Corporations in Ontario:

  1. Doctors: Physicians and surgeons practicing in Ontario can benefit from the limited liability and potential tax advantages offered by a professional corporation.
  2. Dentists: Dental practitioners, including general dentists and specialists, can incorporate in the province.
  3. Lawyers: Solicitors and barristers can choose the professional corporation structure to manage their law practices.
  4. Chiropractors: Practitioners in this field can take advantage of the benefits of incorporation.
  5. Pharmacists: Registered pharmacists are eligible to establish their own professional corporations.
  6. Accountants: Both Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) and Chartered Accountants (CA) can opt for this structure.
  7. Optometrists: Eye care professionals have the option of setting up their practice within a professional corporation.
  8. Architects: Professionals in the architectural field can leverage the benefits of a professional corporation.
  9. Veterinarians: Those who provide medical care to animals can incorporate their practices.
  10. Psychologists: Practitioners in the realm of mental health and therapy can form professional corporations.
  11. Occupational Therapists: These rehabilitation professionals are also eligible.
  12. Physiotherapists: Physiotherapy practitioners can incorporate their services.
  13. Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs): RMTs can use the professional corporation structure for their practices.
  14. Dietitians: Nutrition professionals can form their professional entities.
  15. Social Workers and Social Service Workers: Those in the social work profession can also incorporate.
  16. Speech-Language Pathologists: Professionals in this realm have the option of a professional corporation.


It’s essential to note that while the aforementioned professions are eligible to incorporate, each profession’s regulatory body may have specific rules and guidelines. These could pertain to naming conventions, share ownership, professional responsibilities, and more. Before making a decision, consult with your respective regulatory body and seek legal advice tailored to your situation.

Navigating the Path of Incorporation:

Understanding the intricacies of professional corporations is vital before making the decision to incorporate. At Falcon Law PC, we’re adept at navigating the legal landscapes surrounding professional corporations in Ontario. For a comprehensive consultation, or if you have queries about your eligibility and the process, contact us at 1-877-892-7778 or via email at info@falconlawyers.ca.

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